Shanghai dragon ER must know four problems must be solved to do long tail keywords

when you do a lot in the optimization of long tail keywords, a very important step is to do the internal link structure, make all the web pages to form a too strong to break network, it is better to make page features.

third questions: do long tail keywords must solve the problem of internal link structure

weight problem is needless to say, the high weight is every webmaster to chase. The right weight high site, other rankings, included can be affected very well. So, we imagine that we are a large website, we made ten million long tail keywords, and are high quality content, if our website weight is very high, so the ten million do these long tail keywords >

very important long tail keywords is a good web page collection and basic optimization, in fact, needless to say, this is the site optimization must be done. But if there is no good "and included basic optimization, then the optimization of long tail keywords has no meaning, because the user cannot from the search engines to see your article. When each page made a very good optimization, to ensure that each page can be included, so we do not need to consider specific keywords, but the final result is the long tail word round up.

for the "long tail keywords" you must be familiar with, you will see a lot of books in the Shanghai dragon, also know in a lot of training, more is learned in many webmaster articles, but whether in which everyone can truly understand the meaning of the long tail keywords? I think not, actually I know a lot of friends, just blindly believe that around the target keywords do some segmentation, and then get some longer term that is done in the long tail keywords, in fact, this is completely misinterpreted the meaning of long tail keywords, but do not know what is the effect of long tail keywords.

the first question: do long tail keywords must do the basic optimization of the page and included problems

second questions: do long tail keywords must have a lot of content to support

this is a lot of people can’t do it before, maybe a lot of people think to do a few simple words long tail that can see the power of the long tail, long tail is not! Power must be in a lot of content support to see the effect, do long tail keywords is like this, must be a lot of web content to support. A process of accumulation to qualitative change.

? This is

fourth questions: do long tail keywords must pay attention to the improvement of the weight of


actually, do long tail keywords must solve four problems, the only representative of Zhuhai Shanghai dragon Chuangyu studio views share four issues of long tail keywords must be solved for you:

, and not without reason, we ask many enterprise stand site editor is a lot of content updates? Whether are tangled to original

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