From the point of view of people from the past to give some reference to the operation of micro oper

can be said to just open a personal WeChat now, which will have friends in sales, no matter what he sold, we should understand that it is the derivative concept now is like the original Taobao, has come into all the pomp. But how to do micro business, we do not seem to have a criterion. Don’t just relying on help from relatives, friends Shuabing can get performance? If so simple, so everyone can do micro business. Because the micro business is not good so there are a lot of people complain that micro business is a false proposition. In fact, there is a rule to do everything. Micro business is also the case, see other people’s success, we can not just think of revenue, but did not expect the other side of the pay. At least in my opinion, a truly mature micro business needs to consider a lot of things, these things can not be solved in a cavity. And I have 6 words I want to give friends in the field of micro business achievements.

the first sentence, for the user’s screening is a required course. Do micro business is not advertising, not a large audience groups can have a positive effect, we need to have a real viscosity and desire to buy groups, rather than zombie powder. So do not blindly add powder through some software people, don’t abuse people nearby, so the channel to fan loyalty is very low, and many beginners do not have enough communication skills, so in the process of marketing will often appear very thorny difficulties. So we have a choice in the people, to understand what is the most suitable for our buyers. Different users have different needs, rather than blindly push a part of traffic loss, rather than their hierarchical label, different classes to push different products, the product conversion rate is much higher.

second sentences, micro business must learn to tap the potential of the consumer point. Now a lot of electronic business platform is very mature, and others competing product category is certainly no advantage. As a derivative we will find another way, easily ignored the point of consumption. Although the sale of the mask so that everyone criticized, but the mask is a hard demand, behind the highlights is the focus of product selection. Before someone doing home accessories, car beauty products and feng shui products, this type of product is not a hot spot on paper, but the purchase demand is not weak. Say these just want to let you understand a truth, micro business must be in the main push the product selection on foot, otherwise it is difficult to open the market you want. Just imagine how you can highlight the value of a private relationship without an attractive product?

third sentences, micro business marketing case is more complex, but also to be more careful. Because of the limitations of micro business platform, leading to micro business can not provide adequate security tools when doing business, so the risk is great. And because the circle of friends is an exchange of their own environment rather than commercial development, so in this do marketing and promotion, it is also very difficult. So simply want to rely on a simple circle of friends to do the product in the form of rough I think it is not feasible, at least I think it is necessary to use value to fill. Before doing some car beauty products >

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