The five step the new site easily fix Shanghai Dragon

The third step:

first step: according to its own web site to find some key words (best not to look too popular keywords, in Shanghai, the nobility) love baby search, if the search results appear in the full web page will give up; if most of them are inside pages, this keyword can be used.

the following, we will look at the specific site how to do a good job in Shanghai dragon.

meta optimization, layout optimization, internal link optimization, the optimization method and so on, can you think of using. At the same time ensure website content updates, not too frequent, also cannot update.

has recently added a free H5 website platform (micro enterprises) the user exchange group, as are the establishment of exchanges, so often focus on some problems in the group. Among them, I found a lot of people to search engine optimization knowledge is very limited, after the site built, do not know how to optimize. Because see the problem too small, I decided to write a new website to Shanghai dragon "things, for your reference.

appropriate active submitted to the search engine entrance, exchange the same type of Links, website optimization Website optimization, it is best to last in the promotion.

first, we look at what is Shanghai dragon. About Shanghai dragon, strict definition is as follows: Shanghai dragon refers to the base of natural ranking mechanism in the search engine, adjust and optimize the internal and external of the site and improve the natural ranking web site in the search engine keywords, get to show more volume, attract more targeted customers to visit the site, so as to achieve the network marketing and build the brand. Search engine principle is changing, change the search principle will directly lead to changes in the website keyword search engine rankings, so search engine optimization is not a once and for all.

second step: find the top three websites, their Title, description copy, prepare a suitable for their own, must be better than the original, "more reasonable arrangement. Then, do the link.

The fourth step: to try the


website how to run the Shanghai dragon

finally, want to talk about self-help Association and Shanghai Longfeng, many articles said self-help website to search engines. In fact, like micro enterprises such self-help platform, provides a basic set of options in Shanghai dragon. Users in the use of micro enterprises to the process of construction, Shanghai dragon after setting, the help of the traditional Shanghai dragon, may soon be included.

The fifth step: The new

new basic didn’t the chain, can not control, can temporarily give up, but the chain can be controlled. Internal chain is the most important index website each link does not appear dead links, links are accurate. So that the search engine’s eyes more outstanding.

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