Shanghai dragon from the shallower to the deeper three

export link, is generally exported to some big company site. This position helps the search engine for your site, at the same time weight for your site has certain advantages. Is not too much, for export to link these portals, weight and not disperse your website, which can be assured.

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generally, we link the most commonly used method is Links. Exchange Links with their own weight of a website, contribute to the stability and increase website weight. But for some new sites, weight is not enough, you need to buy the chain. Where sesame is not recommended you to buy the black chain, black chain because there are many safety, if convicted of cheating by search engines, then The loss outweighs the gain..

link can increase gradually, also pay attention to the quality of the link must be high, for the noble baby, of course PR is higher, the higher the quality. Love Shanghai, is a snapshot of the update time, and included the number and speed. General home page snapshot is 24 hours and included an update, the faster the speed, the weight of the site is also higher, such as A5, outdated, is the second, published an article that will appear in the search engine. The judgment, or to see the personal webmaster experience to decide.

this paper is writing how to import links and the anchor text of this chapter, and the difference lies in the former two chapters, the first two chapters are can modify their own web pages, to achieve in a short period of time. That is to say, as long as you know what skills you can do. The import links and the anchor text is different, he demanded to get high quality links, which requires a certain ability to do. While the number of links and quality, and final key factor ranking, so you need to pay special attention to.

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also said in the first chapter, keywords, links to some place to do special settings. Keywords import link anchor text contains the page, determine your website main weight distribution which one word, so when do Links exchange, should not be arbitrarily set keywords, we must choose a suitable for their own, doing their own words to be Links, such help on your website.

link, is the general export and import, first of all to talk about is the import link, link number, the higher the quality, so the weight of your site is relatively higher. Of course, the new station should be careful not to add too much disposable import links, this search engine will be convicted of cheating.

Ming even, we recommend gradually increase, not a one-time increase too much. Before I have done a test, a one-time increase in the chain too much, then it will be easy to search engine K. The general method of adding a link is gradually, one day, then the two links of such a day, gradually adding links, weights help site gradually increased.

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