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description tags to see who?

this is the web page title in particular with the long tail word title especially long tail word ranking direct effect on the promotion of keywords, some people say that I made the long tail keywords did not rank the title of the article, please check your article have been included in the search engine.

compared the title and Keywords tag, description tag (description) is obviously a entanglements. The place was not tangle description tag has no effect, but has no effect on the website ranking. For this problem some people use all kinds of methods to test, draw two conclusions: have some effect, and no effect. I read some of the case that this tag function, do not understand, rather than have the title of the role that simple test bold, and the effect is remarkable: Chongqing Shanghai Chongqing Shanghai Chongqing Shanghai dragon dragon dragon dragon Chongqing Shanghai Chongqing Shanghai dragon…….

for the label, love Shanghai in 2010 released "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" has been explained: Meta description is not a reference factor weight calculation, the label is present or not does not affect the weight, will only do search for a target selection results summary. Google early in 2007 on its website administrator blog says: "It s worth noting that while accurate meta descriptions can improve clickthrough they won t affect you ranking within" search results (the exact description of the yuan can increase in the opportunity, they will not affect your ranking in the search results page). Two different regions of the biggest game, regulators have told us not to race the weather factors into account influence ranking, we don’t have to spend time on what the weather is like a race to achieve the most advantageous. It is said that we are familiar with the "Mulan poem" the first sentence "chirp chirp" complex, around is the sound of a loom or the sound of insects, many people in order to academic and academic discussion, who can convince anyone, I >

in Shanghai dragon is often mentioned several meta tags, title, keywords (Title) (kewords) the appropriate settings are obviously good help to improve the keywords ranking. In theory, one of the one and only the title of the article can be regarded as being composed of long tail words, only a title from aspects of reading first to emphasize the semantic fluency, so most of the verb object structure, conjunctions and auxiliary words, do not use a few fragmentary words and spaces to constitute among title. The one and Only Title in general are better, unless the site is new sites or punished. So, when you know a book or article, we can usually in the search engine is by location can be found on the website, find the book or article.

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