The Shanghai dragon optimization experience

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recently, I help a school to optimize a city center recruitment information website, the website is developed with the CMS Empire, a lot of content distribution is very wide. But the site did not test, just give it to me, let me go to the optimization and promotion. But after I am familiar with testing, found that the site is LJ, there are a lot of loopholes and errors, there are many functions are not implemented. In short, the site is not beautiful, very professional. Well, said so much. Now I talk about this period of Shanghai Longfeng experience. After this month’s Shanghai dragon experience and my understanding of Shanghai dragon, that such a metaphor, Shanghai dragon like planting a tree optimization, and the development of the website is a tree. Seedling quality determines the future can not thrive. If you plant seedlings is not healthy, it can let him grow up? If it can grow up, but also need to pay more time and energy to cultivation. You said right? A website optimization promotion is the same, if a wrong site features a big push, looked very professional, very poor user experience, you said this site can be developed? If you think you can, I admire you. The worship you as a teacher. Now the development of a website is not a difficult task, and now all CMS as long as you emerge in an endless stream, understand a little bit programming knowledge will be able to develop a website of their own. But the development of the website of Shanghai dragon optimization was not so simple.

the following talk about my understanding of Shanghai Dragon: web development is good, is not to say that we can immediately go to optimize the promotion, and you must first detect the entire site, including its function, the interface is beautiful, ah ah ah, page integrity of the user experience ah, these must be taken into account, must not be careless. As I said before, a healthy tree is difficult to grow into towering trees.

testing site, found no problem, you can start the analysis, do not rush to Shanghai dragon optimization. Someone may ask, we should analyze what? We need to analyze your website. Familiar with the function and use of the site. To understand the function and use of the website, we also analyze our "competitors", after all, Shanghai dragon optimization is like a war, who Shanghai dragon well optimized who went up, who not fall down, the reason is very simple. So we have to analyze our main competitors. Analysis of their Shanghai Longfeng optimal extent, keyword content, website ranking update time. To learn their advantages, reinforcing their weakness. As the saying goes, the enemy can ever victorious. All these analysis, we can begin to analyze the site keywords. Analysis of key words must first determine a key word. While the core keyword can according to your previous analysis the function of the website, use, competitors, and then refer to love Shanghai, Google’s main search engine index to determine. Analysis to determine a good keyword index, and then briefly talk about Shanghai Longfeng specific implementation plan:

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