Why love Shanghai 6 index 700 index more than single article can be ranked first

this morning search implant a keyword, inadvertently found the number one is actually a single article in a hospital. A careful look at the word love Shanghai auction site a lot, also very much. He was curious to see what was going on. Oh, this is a spirit of Shanghai dragon.

my approach is directly domain: the article. Results more than 5 thousand. This number is also a lot. Found five problems.

five: May the hospital and the cooperation, in a forum they can send links, hypertext links, anchor text links are made. Also the article links appear.

two: the hospital site has many articles inside the single page links, and all stations direct hyperlinks.

: This article was in the south, the NetEase news, China net news website, a number of articles submitted to the article, and the article is pure text links.

Shanghai dragon must learn to analyze and share, so as to progress, maybe my little share today there will be a lot of wrong, but only for your reference and exchange.


In this paper,


with the above findings, I made a simple summary, that is to do the Shanghai Dragon don’t crush the anchor text links, text links and links still powerful. The station optimization is the key link, the station may be appropriate to add some other articles, this might give some multi weight website domain name to the address, which is also called the weight transfer, do not know if this is right. In addition to the appropriate and some news media cooperation, enhance the brand exposure, the weight of pure text links in the news brings is also very high. But the general news will be reproduced many times, the effect is good. The last is the forum, Shanghai dragon forever and don’t forget the forum.

about the ranking problem, please look at the map for:

three: This article was in love Shanghai know inside a few links, but not much.

from Shenzhen Wuzhou Guoyitang Chinese herbal medicine channel, 贵族宝贝guoyitang.net/zhongcaoyao/ A5 in the original episode, reproduced to indicate the source, thank you! I hope I can make more friends in Shanghai Dragon Medical, interested can add my QQ10532071

four: more than a forum ID’s signature with the signature, but some not directly link anchor text, is pure text links. A forum post contains a hyperlink in the article.

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