The three key points of website optimization enhance the user experience

with the development of the Internet, each industry has its own particular color, such as the brave trade usually in red, yellow, blue, enterprise class web site in white. Life if you walk in the street and saw a girl’s dress is very good, she will give me a pleasant feeling! So when users browse a website, program appearance, reasonable layout, bright color website, users naturally will also have a pleasing feeling. This web site to the search engine is friendly, so the design of the site in the station at the beginning of the color collocation is a work of every practitioner will do the Shanghai dragon.

: first to enhance the user experience from the station in start

as everyone knows, in the process of our website optimization of user experience in this crucial link, and love Shanghai has to inform the public station, a series of algorithms are based on the recent adjustment of the user experience for the purpose. If we improper operation will in some detail the user experience greatly reduced the right risk to the site, but the author thinks, want to improve the user experience to do only three aspects, a digression into the theme.

believes Shanghai Longfeng colleagues know, if a site does not guarantee access smoothly will directly affect the spider crawling and user experience problems. A stable and high-speed server of website optimization is very favorable, from our own imagine, if we search for a keyword access certain website click on a page to tens of seconds, the speed of the site is good or bad, then you will stay on this page? The truth is the same, which directly affects the user browse, last ranking must fall, even by the K, which is also the reason why love Shanghai official has been emphasized this problem, so I hope the webmaster do not covet cheap, and ruined the future site.

second: have a good visual effect to better reflect the theme of the site

concluded that the user experience is every webmaster often said, we also need to pay attention to, but if you really want to do user experience is that we need to think deeply. Well, today I share with you these. This paper consists of: brave 贵族宝贝g>

third: choose a stable server is important to

I think either yourself or users, we in the search engine search process information in the hope that they can find the information content needs, search results and their needs are more similar to our satisfaction will be higher. I believe that good user experience must be well content, and to ensure the relevance of the content and the theme of the site, in the update content at the same time we need to consider that it is not a user, whether the content is the user that valuable. What can the content users need not available to him! In view of this, the author thinks that in the first step we do website optimization, we must first locate the site on the content construction.

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