Website optimization to write high quality soft Wen is actually very simple

Before the best write

is now mostly to write soft Wen technology, professional terms do not highlight the past, it is simple, easy to understand is the key. Surfing here again, write, do not add too much advertising, and advertising, but advertising to write good, let readers do not know advertising writing for our advertising, soft in.

when we decide whether to look at this time, we are the first to see this article, the title of the article, think in the heart, this article is worth reading, whether to help us, is not a waste of time not worth watching, most of the people before deciding whether to see a soft have this idea, after all, with the quickening pace of the society, people’s consciousness of time is more and more strong. Therefore, the title of the article point to the novel, a little to attract people. The title of the soft center to clear thinking, know what the focus of the introduction of soft.

1, soft topic

3, the content of

according to the author’s experience generally wrote Softbank title, the title to novel, the central idea is clear, can highlight their point of view, there can be a controversial topic, soft Wen title should not be too long, generally in the 10-15 Chinese characters, don’t appear illegal characters, generally do not appear special symbols. The title of the article should stand in the perspective of readers, readers meet the maximum demand of the soft, soft Wen is the last.

if there is to be an important site promotion method, by the Shanghai dragon r welcome, high quality soft, not only can bring a lot of traffic, but also can bring a lot of links to guide the spider to our site, increase website weight, so soft Wen promotion is the best way to promote the website optimization. Method of soft Wen promotion is also a lot of Shanghai dragon r about the most difficult. Today surfing is about how to write high quality soft Wen, you will find that in fact, write high quality soft is so simple.

soft Wen write an outline, write this time around the outline to write. Write soft thought to relax, a lot of people say, too difficult to write soft, not stop, wrapped step before the surf statement, write text from the heart that write soft article is very simple, first of all have confidence that the written text is very simple, then master the correct method, grasp the necessary knowledge is can write high quality soft wen. Write text without the rhetoric, as long as the focus, lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy, the contents of simple line, their true, their point of view to solve the problems of the world to share out the readers on the line.


2, there is a soft, the appeal of the title

to write text to find their familiar topics, their own good topic, only you know the topic more, has a unique opinion, writes to you, Huibi nature. In this topic, the reader is most concerned about the issue of reader in mind, write to the reader needs to solve the problem of their own experience to share out to solve the practical problems of the reader, will attract readers.

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