The new engine do experience the snapshot timely content included experience

second is at the first station, the hair is pulled out during the birth, because of previous experience, the current situation is still relatively smooth development, establishment of 40 days, the Bo.

first sites, is a blog, but appeared in the middle of the episode. This is because at the time of establishment, Taichong busy, before the use of a cheap foreign VPS independent IP is used to study the Linux system because before use windows. Only $1 a month. The domain name is the special offer of $1.99. Procedures for the use of the legendary friendly WordPress casually looking for a set of templates placed 2 keywords on the hands, when opening the station 48 hours to find the site to be included in a page, about a week to release a few pages. The snapshot is the next update, and tool tools to query br actually has 2, of which 2 words into the first page of Shanghai love. Day to the 20-30 IP I still don’t know why. Only during 3-4. The soft article found to have a key words wrong, want to change but I know a snapshot will certainly pause, heart a horizontal or changed. Not the second day snapshot fixed day by day. At week 4 the general thought big update day wondering should update. Second days a look dumbfounded, pulled the hair, a page without. But a bit unwilling, check the log, the spider is still climbing. Well, continue to update a week passed or no movement, during the 2 pieces of hair soft, and after 1 weeks or no intermediate or a few soft article and some forum replies. Third weeks has no patience. Anyway, love heart Shanghai really BT this killing me. To do this a will not change the title. This station is not him, the distance was plucking 40 days and times for the update to the siet it obediently is finally back, released 30 pages, strange is the chain fell from more than 200 to only 30 a few, Br weight 2 become 0. This time due to the price of cheap VPS renewals cheating, to find the next box there is a $15 annual pay VPS empty there before the wall. It is stable and practical with the environment, to transfer it to the machine up. And update the 2 articles found, snapshot and fixed, including content lost 10, the chain fell into the 10, known for IP and against Shanghai love oh. The cost is not small. Forget it when the bar, because the hair is pulled out during I to redo second new similar sites also do also included the content about this leave it.

the author many years do not stand idle, more recent time, want to do a look at two. Now that the love sea serve, not updated snapshot ah, ah, in fact I think not included is also okay. Only need to pay attention to several points on the line. More than 2 months a total of 3 test sites, concluded that today and share one.

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