Case analysis of website keyword selection and optimization techniques



3. finally love Shanghai Chinese segmentation to determine the target keywords the most competitive. I was on the top of the key words and word, then in combination, then the above words can be split into software, download, share, security. So in the end to determine the "green software download".

Keywords as the template, the anchor text< >



1. website title and keywords echo

1. using the Google Adwords keyword tool to determine the target keywords account. If you select a keyword we must know the keywords and the shrinkage degree of competition, select several alternative keywords on this basis. In my case, I entered "software download".

site title weight high, depending only on one aspect of this apparently still can not put keywords so as to make it an ideal position, some owners will put a lot of keywords accumulation to the site title, think that this can be driven by a number of keywords ranking, but this will only make the site appear suspected of cheating, and pay attention to the site is not the same as the title of the at this time, we should be in the web page on a bit, there is a correlation between the keywords, to optimize a keyword must appear in the content page and column, so as to improve the relevance of keywords itself, so as to improve its ranking.

Optimization of the keywords

through the above two steps, initially identified the site keywords "green software download, free download".

2. content page

3. to establish

who know the website title was awarded the Shanghai love weight is very high, if I want to optimize your keywords must use this, will let us get promotion Keywords ranking.

2. combines four major search engines to determine target keywords. (search, YAHOO pictures omitted)

do anything must have a goal, like we do not like, like a headless flies distracted? And the website to stay bound to have a their own keywords, the keywords only good choice, and strive to optimize our website will be bigger and stronger. But many webmaster a widespread situation, that is to know their own industry, but for the choice of keywords to do not know how to start, take me personally, I do software download, but you want me to choose your keywords, I really a little bit at a loss, but fortunately after a period of time, you know more or less a little skill, it is now selling experience, I hope you can help.

keyword selection down, here is the keyword optimization process.

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