Optimization of real feeling Do you need to pay attention to Shanghai following a big problem




website optimization details

6, pay attention to the mobile terminal

not only that, but also pay attention to the density of keywords, keyword stuffing don’t appear the phenomenon, you can find some keywords and a high degree of attention.

1, to choose the right

4, increase the chain

is a high quality the chain can improve website PR value and update rate, will bring a lot of traffic for us, but do not increase too much the chain. Suddenly a lot of more easy to trigger the exception mechanism of search engine, the search engine to determine the site optimization excessive, but The loss outweighs the gain.

Shanghai Longfeng not only a short duration of time, but if you start in the wrong direction, it is difficult to achieve their expected goals, especially will be a fatal blow for start-up enterprises. Then we will summarize several problems needing attention in Shanghai Longfeng optimization in

content is very important


PC and the mobile terminal are >

site should be stable

a lot of people making a website, used to upload to a web application FTP slowly after modification, this is wrong. Both the content and the name, but the upload as much as possible to reduce the modification, frequent modification will make bad decision optimization of the crawler, later will have adverse effects.

Arrange the website of


reasonable release schedule, but also one of the key techniques of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, you can publish articles regularly.

Shanghai dragon is a required course for every website, has become the essential part of the network marketing, but some people pay a lot of effort, but did not get paid, this is why

5, website innovation than beauty

believes that most of the people know the contents of the original site is very important, but also should pay attention not to the original and the original subject, suits the needs of your site, from the theme of the site content, search is not love.

Shanghai dragon

beautiful website will make people love, but not all websites to beautiful, according to your website, the types of products to choose, small fresh, simple, can be full sense of science and technology, a creative website will brighten. We can observe similar pages before the design, or do some research on the users, take advantage of it.

we all know the importance of keywords, which is also the Shanghai dragon optimization is the most important part. First, the right to choose keywords, keywords that you take must maintain consistency and their own website, if you choose the wrong keywords, optimization perfectly, but also of no avail.



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