How to build the chain

you look at these sites are all collected in A5 I submitted to the article, then I collected over the link. This is not reached an article to bring more than 10 links? This is very cool, but the quality requirements are relatively high, I voted three or four times before the time, sometimes have to see people small mood. Each small audit efforts are not the same, it also luck. This is the text of the chain. To write a tempting title, to be attractive enough is the key.


didn’t have a lot of resources, do the chain general on the line. The bigger and stronger can do high weight chain. A high weight website you can top dozens of general chain.



chain is to import the weight is a vote. To attract more users to enter the site is a kind of exposure. This is our value chain.

speaking of the chain, we all know that the site want to quickly rankings will need to have the chain. The chain is to improve the site ranking booster. We are not a stranger every day doing. So how does the chain construction is worth? We do the chain the purpose of what is it? Today we come together to discuss

general chain: we usually have easy access to the chain link is general. General chain such as BBS signature, blog, blog signature. For Links etc..

first, we must clear every day outside the chain.


like to A5, the owners of the house. Is the text. For example, before I find a blog thrown over. I also brought their blog link, this is the soft chain. And this article chain brought me at least more than 10 chain. Because A5 and home owners authority. And a lot of information acquisition information website A5 and the owners of the house of the article, if your article submission by others, when the site collection will be the way to your reprint articles and links to the site.



see you have stood in the user’s point of view to understand. For example, your company is selling printer. You wrote a note on the printer

This The

1. voted 2. to increase your exposure rate.

two: guide recommended

high weight chain: it is difficult to obtain the weight of the chain link is high as you and 58 city for a link. Or you call IP on the website (tens of thousands of high flow station) with a link to you. The portal site (such as www.hao123贵族宝贝). Independent website. The Ico class website.

: a soft

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