From the celebrity blog about how to reduce the website bounce rate Enlightenment


everybody knows this man Lu Songsong, his blog is one of the best individual blog at home, often reading his website can learn from IT industry knowledge, is of great benefit to your future construction site, but his blog is worth learning place than this one, in fact, there are many places are permeated with Shanghai Dragon industry knowledge, such as how to reduce the site bounce rate, below I combined with his blog specifically a summary from his blog about my experience.

single from the number of comments can be seen in the heat.

first, we can’t let our website too gorgeous, but to the main content of the site as soon as possible to emerge, if we are to promote products, we will enclose the main products in the home, if we are to engage in business training, we should be in the range of home training and fees, we what do you want as much as possible to highlight the importance of it, the site straight to the point, without ambiguity. Lu Songsong is such a blog, on his website can feel this is a IT blog.

is a prominent site theme in the first time,

PS: filling webmaster do the design page in the related content will be hard to avoid, I agree with this approach, because it can expand the range site, increasing the authority, but also can increase the website chain number, but in the set of content we can’t take all the people to say it. Two said two, not in order to highlight the theme of the site and intentional exaggeration. If it is necessary, I suggest that you can do the headlines, but should pay attention to the content and the title is not a big gap.


three tourists is the site of the "Daily", "station

Timely supply of


want to know the website content is a direct tool to attract tourists. It also tells us that the content of the site must be novel, readable, long time so as to retain customers. At this point, Lu Songsong has done well, his article is available only in the industry with the latest information, not only humorous, and unique view, reading is very strong.


two to maintain the original and unique content

then we will provide concise, easy navigation options. Because of the difficulty in navigation, difficult to use the site, also do not leave consumers. The navigation options should be marked, clear and easy to use. Try to avoid using the drop-down menu or multiple check and other users not easy touch screen use function. If the blog content is complex, can provide the search function and the site map, to help users to easily find the information they need.

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