A rookie of the tragic history of Shanghai Dragon

contact Shanghai Longfeng a year ago, started flying into network company what is not, what should start from the grassroots, recording, writing acquisition rules, and then to do. At that time know little of Shanghai dragon, the company itself is actually the price do Sogou, the keywords ranking or know some of the last in the network environment for a long time, have a clear understanding of the Shanghai dragon. At that time, I would like to do, jjpm that money, but if I will Shanghai Longfeng words, I can not spend any cost, you can go to the front of the site. At that time, the idea is really too simple, do not spend money on things which is so easy. But at that time it is a goal to think in this direction development, so I went into the long learning process in Shanghai dragon.

first, I will be all about the special website keywords all with word preserved, such as "tanker, sprinkler, aerial vehicles" such words all down. In addition, there are usually large on the special vehicle information website are preserved. Remember, because some web updates are not the same, some websites a day to update a few articles, some website updated once a week or more, is updated once a month, like this, to batch finishing, usually with more, I put together a, a little bit worse. Then a number of final finishing, then finishing a number. Then, your daily task is to sort out the first keywords in major search engines search again, the latest news, you can copy, then, are you the pseudo original. You have to follow this pseudo original points, the head and tail must be re written, middle paragraph swap, pseudo 30%, you can put on your own website. The website reproduced, false original like this, but the site has the advantage that, each article below will have the information, you can on these articles are analyzed, thus, the write >

so, I see some of Shanghai dragon knowledge crazy in the webmaster online, do Shanghai dragon knows, "content is king, the chain for emperor", this content, we are not difficult to understand it, it is to adhere to the original content on our website, attracting major search engines. I speak of these online knows, but the content of this thing, you can not say, the key is to write, and you write something, to be recognized by search engines. But in writing is really limited, racked my brain sweat squeeze something. Also, we are doing special automobile Chinese network (www.zyqc.cc) was the optimization of the website, this is an e-commerce platform, unlike the general station optimization can be very simple to do. This site is a special car, written content, information must be around the car to write, you say, I am a female, can be constructed for special vehicle, and maintenance parameters have a certain understanding? The content of this root is not start pressure. So, in the original, I was dead, had to go back then, pseudo original route.

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