Analysis understanding the four basic suggestions PPC

click will appear in the company, Shanghai love marketing staff, marketing bidding business of the company. The first two did not say, this is their own business selling bidding company is to help other companies operating bidding account to earn their business expenses. In fact, the company’s business is not a problem. In theory they help companies save hire SEM personnel and the study and practice of SEM time. The enterprise pays the cost of the corresponding bidding business of the company, each one takes what he needs. But there are some less moral bidding business companies will like business rivals, using software malicious click bidding link. The formation of the company can not control the SEM well, which prompted the hiring of auction business company.

1, shielding invalid IP

2, lower the turnover rate is not high word bid


some more people search word is not necessarily the turnover rate is high. "

is now the majority of enterprises and the construction site for the "power" of employees have complained too burn, is simply a bottomless pit. But scolding aside, we still in use. No way, who love Shanghai and now the market share is so powerful, even if the rise of emerging 360, it must also do the bidding. As for Google, it has Adsense, and although the bidding is not exactly the same, but also. So just do not do Shanghai dragon SEM friends, should also have some understanding of the bidding. The following small share of general infrastructure four for beginners need to know ranking.

, a non normal click

non normal click on many SEM friends called malicious click. As we all know, the bidding content appears in the search results, the user can click, deduct a bid cost. As for boring, I don’t care about the search word, then the promotion links, such people can not say no, but is actually a very small. The normal point is the user point in found not attractive or the like is the title of the party, not consumption.

In fact, most of the non normal

can be found in the IP and click on the link for the background and own webmaster tools, if a IP click on the more than 3 times, but also did not form a transaction or consulting. Even if this is normal after the click, the probability of IP turnover is also very low. Can be shielded in the bidding in the background. The non normal click, IP shielding temporary or have considerable effect.

love Shanghai to upgrade their bidding system, according to the love of Shanghai that has effectively reduced the non normal click 95%. But this is just love Shanghai that is not the case. For users feel is important. To be honest, non normal click can not be completely avoided. A friend said we do not negotiate joint peer malicious clicks each other, this method can try, but you can only see the actual effect of competition in the industry. Take the above abnormal click, can also be said that there are two main methods of malicious click.

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