Herd how to improve the conversion rate of single page program

analysis and single page:

We all know that

sales, shopping guide websites conversion rate is very important, but the site optimization flow up, too, but no single transaction, is quite "Cup". So the flow does not mean there will be sold, these are to be studied. The single page program for several months the two station search flow more than 200 per day, but also often have zero turnover situation, so also is what causes the conversion rate so low? Below we share a few possible reasons.

analysis on how to finally let visitors click on at least to the target page:

is now basically directly with the mall page or individually designed product list form, 9 grids and other single page selection. Directly nested mall page, beautiful interface and user experience, and product data is the mall, but visitors enter the site to see like the Taobao mall interface, click on the product and jumped into the real Taobao mall page. As long as there is online shopping experience visitors will think is a phishing site, but a lower degree of trust. List and 9 grids, the overall tone style to site collocation, put a head of advertising, then choose a good template and then good sales and products, so the conversion rate is high. If the template does not do can go online to find, buy Taobao, or looking for artists to do Witkey task. The group share several sets of simple and Whitening Essential Oil single page template, there is a need of a friend can add QQ group: 116154365 to group sharing inside the download.

this question I study for a few days, a WordPress station group website products found accidentally by search their love Shanghai website link >


has already written on a single page related articles (analysis of single page station needs to solve the problem of a single page, Amoy), to share with you today to write about is how to improve the conversion rate of the station.


first single page Keywords:

before I do is rose essential oil single page, choose "the price of rose essential oil, rose oil, rose essential oil usage function", keywords can easily see three words above in "oil prices rose " this fairly directional point. Want to know the price of a product, or want to buy the idea. "Rose essential oil use and effect of" the two word orientation goal itself is not enough, so it is very important to choose keywords. When you choose the best is to investigate several people around to see if they want to buy XXXX products, how to search, and then combined with the love and love Shanghai Shanghai related search index is the best choice of words, the title can integrate some prominent words such as "Taobao sales first" and "2011 best XX, the best-selling " XXX" to attract the attention of the audience.

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