Give love from Shanghai included new and good rankings on new optimization

uses what program is helpful for your site and the optimization. Some programs are popular on network such as CMS is optimized for search engines, but also conducive to search engine included. A small station building their own is the use of CMS architecture, for the structure of the site also made some adjustments, such as voting drove some small area, so the lands network website looks relatively simple Puso Mi. Using this program, the station is in the afternoon had been included, this for me as a rookie webmaster, or more exciting, the original station is ten genius included.

The day after the The

station was included, in the next few days, several long tail keywords do, basically love Shanghai index in more than 200 keywords have gained fairly good rankings. Although so far the station is still being included the home page but also know that by understanding the original content, the content page has been included in the database of knowledge not put out just. In view of this point can be detected by know, search sites in the original content of the title, although not found at that time, the station is home page will appear in the first place. The station without the WWW domain name is included in the sixth days before the day, including the contents of the title in the search engine search are not WWW domain name with the first brand of home page. So, you put the experience of these days, write down the advice for senior webmaster today, also want to love me like the novice webmaster can get some inspiration from:

team also entered the novice webmaster for nearly 5 months, from a network or station to do not understand the rookie change also know how much a little. You don’t understand things like programming code, the beginning is the website of others directly modify the upload space, you can now use such as CMS open source program to build your own website, this is also really save yourself a lot of time and effort. Next, began to introduce the use of CMS station after love Shanghai included new and give good rankings to some new optimization methods of experience to talk about their own.

first, original content increased


the original station are copied directly through the major portals above similar articles, and then through the adjustment of the paragraph and then released to the website and blog, although this effect is there but far from the original article is more favored by search engines. So, this time to yourself wholeheartedly do this station, released every article in the station were written by himself. I am in the station before it has been built for each section for an article, such as to build a good website put the original articles posted to the website. After the day included love Shanghai station, although not included in the content page, but search every section of the original title, my station is in the first place. In the next day, I will be increased for each section.


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