Analysis WeChat search in the end of the road to decide on what path to follow

The limitations of the

, the first WeChat search. In the first strategy, WeChat platform cannot replace the development of the Internet, WeChat search is only relative to the great changes to the WeChat platform, although WeChat platform public number grow very fast, have a lot of contact users, but WeChat search is provided by the public number of articles and the account number, and so this huge there is no direct relationship between user groups. The second is the WeChat search is also confined to the WeChat platform internal superiority, in the practical application itself has great limitation. This is an important reason why the WeChat platform is temporarily unable to expand, WeChat search is WeChat platform to build a gateway to the environment of the export of a can and outside the same channel.

, WeChat search. WeChat search is WeChat and Sogou together, nothing but is behind the use of WeChat platform powerful user group, launched a search in the industry market share battle. Shanghai turned love search market in the world, already thorough popular, how to change the thinking, to seize the initiative, WeChat mobile platform cooperation from more and more significant trend in the end. It can be said for the market is the trend of the birth of WeChat search, to tell the good, Every dog has its day!, and so the turn. Unfortunately, WeChat search does not affect birth and threatened to say search industry is completely copy of the industry, is a form of repetition, two is the repetition of contents. These two let WeChat search power greatly reduced.

third, WeChat search is not flexible enough. At present, it should be said that many users do not know the concept of WeChat WeChat search, although WeChat to promote use of the star effect, this is WeChat search failures. A good search window is not to rely on to promote it, but the user after the effect, the quality is really good, without a whoop and a holler. Just to see from WeChat search, is a "closed country" concept, even if you want to search articles and accounts for the purpose, although there is not any development policy, flexibility, show >

WeChat search born to now, for some time, and the effect is not really great. How will the future, but to create a world with a lot of ideas, as it is in the same polarization, regardless of the outcome, all people are not born to affirm or negate the new things, just like a newborn baby, no one knows how his future road will be the same. Similarly, WeChat search has its truth, but the facts on the network, you can see the WeChat search way no surprises, mediocre status, is short or elusive, decreed by fate, but WeChat recently launched a new version of WeChat search is added on this function. If WeChat search is conducive to the construction of the WeChat platform this is undeniable, but WeChat search will take over the search industry, is really not Arabian Nights, force, focus on the following analysis of why WeChat search cannot do it.

Second repetitive

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