From the Shanghai dragon is dead to talk about his own views

cat chat in the A5 Marketing Group official today, found that many do Shanghai dragon buddies of Shanghai dragon lost confidence that Shanghai dragon is dead, it’s better to have sex in Shanghai auction, but also said a lot of examples. The cat that, as long as the search engine exists, Shanghai dragon will not die, a short time bidding is better than the optimum, but from the long-term perspective, Shanghai dragon must have more advantages than bidding. The cat here, certainly not willing: Hey buddy, Kitty, you all talk, look at our medical industry, do not bid live, also make Shanghai dragon have no food to eat and so on, for such remarks, the cat can only say: the optimization measures for different industries take it to the appropriate adjustment, the optimization is not immutable and frozen, Baidu had to modify their algorithm, then why are you the same buddies ideas to consider their own website way? Let’s let the cat say for you.

kitten before to A5 marketing official group of buddies said, let the webmaster website content buddies to search engines and readers are useful, search engine is the first way for people to find things, but it is not the only way, as well as online media, traditional offline advertising, news, newspaper more importantly, from one thing to let friends convinced, that is long say word-of-mouth marketing network marketing mode. In many cases, these approaches are more efficient than search engines, users may inadvertently from your friends to say a word, also has a small corner which may come from a newspaper. So the cat will say: the search engine is not the only way, in other aspects of buddies can also consider what to do.

Shanghai dragon is not the only way to

Shanghai dragon is dead? The cat saw in the real situation, whether it is a large site of small sites, business or personal station station, their optimization done very good, after repeated the adjustment they can still get a lot by Shanghai dragon visitors, like the A5 station network is such example. Many of the newly established enterprises, Shanghai dragon is regarded as a good way to users soaring, but no matter how long is your company should not be overly dependent on Shanghai Longfeng optimization, cat that only Shanghai dragon group >

is still the size of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises to play a role in

is constantly changing the Baidu

why is the constantly changing Baidu rather than search engines? The cat obtained data showed Chinese in mainland, Baidu accounted for the proportion of the search engine is the largest, so we are here to say Baidu. Although the cat Baidu contact time is not long, but know the constantly changing Baidu, perhaps what is a good long time update algorithm, we work in vain. One thing I always pay attention to Baidu mood change is necessary.

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