618 years to promote the three climax again online shopping ills difficult to

xinhuanet.com June 17 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Gong Wen, Gao Shaohua) once a year electricity supplier 6· promote 18 years again, the major electricity supplier are eager for a fight, crying. In the current economic situation, network consumption is undoubtedly a major bright spot, this year has been higher than the growth rate of more than and 20 percentage points higher than the overall consumption, stimulating effect on consumption significantly. But at the same time, fake, false promotion problem is still no cure, especially in the "double eleven" 6· 18 ";" the traditional focus on the promotion period, the consumer is fear. In the face of online shopping pain point, how consumers can buy at ease,


three ills, the consumer "off"

began in late May, the major electricity supplier began to prepare for the "6· to promote the" 18 years, Taobao, Jingdong, suning.com, Gome online electricity providers launched promotional concert covers almost the whole category, "half off berserk" slogan is also very attractive. Insiders said, "6· 18 years to promote the" big momentum with "double eleven" match.

however, in the face of each electricity supplier dazzling high discounts, low price products, consumers do not want to say love you". According to the business sector and the business platform data case, in the online shopping process, false propaganda and exaggerated the facts, the quality problem of shoddy, fake and shoddy products, not timely delivery, customer service service is not in place, the consumer is "off", especially in the "double eleven", "8, 3·" "6· 18" to promote online shopping, a more prominent problem. In the first quarter of this year, the number of complaints online shopping grew fastest service class complaints, up to 174.4%.

– false propaganda and exaggerated facts. Reporters found that online shopping brush reputation, credit evaluation is still a major problem of fictitious current e-commerce industry. Consumers pay more attention to business credit rating and commodity evaluation in online shopping, but these evaluations may not be credible or credibility, some of the bad business often through the brush credibility to deceive consumers. In April of this year, Alibaba in the fight against credit hype action, it will be 11 logistics companies off the shelf.

, shoddy, fake and shoddy goods. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued last year for the multi appliance business platform "double eleven" promotional merchandise sampling results show that in the 207 batches of samples, found that 15 batches of 5 samples of the electronic business platform is the counterfeit goods or highly suspected counterfeit goods. In late May of this year, the Jingdong sold refurbished Apple mobile phone "incident caused a great disturbance, is still controversial.

In recent years the rise of

in the field of cross-border electricity supplier, fake and smuggled goods are full of them, such as the Beijing customs had seized a lot of fake imported brand-name clothing, bags, electronic products, the consignee is the domestic well-known electricity supplier website.

– not timely performance, after-sales service is not in place. Recently, a netizen Tucao on micro-blog: last Monday to buy on the Jingdong

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