Google file blackout and Solutions

ironically, Google to 24 hours in the published to encourage enterprises to trust their data blog post, Google Google documents based on cloud outages experienced about 30 minutes. The blog post, Google is based on the normal running time of the first half of 2011 years 99.99% of Google’s data to encourage enterprises to believe the scalability and reliability of Google.

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Google issued the following statement to the user after power failure:

we are aware of a problem Google file and now we are trying to solve it. We will regularly update the application status table. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.


has the solution of third parties, that is to provide a App account to automatically backup noble baby. These independent backup can be safely stored in the Amazon S3 cloud or the local computer, this will reduce the risk associated with remote file storage.


every important application power is inevitable to use the "risk" of the cloud computing results, most of the use of internal service companies may experience more frequent power outages, and may be longer than the Google file blackout. However, it is important to enterprises to use the "noble baby document backup on the local computer (or elsewhere) data, in order to prevent a" noble baby file "power to destroy the entire office. Last week, Google announced Gmail, Google can offline access to files and Google calendar. This feature was originally released in Google’s I/O, will allow users to access the information in the interrupt during offline.

Although Google

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