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website optimization, in these optimization work, the author has done the chain, looking for the chain, outside the chain on the forum, blog culture, library upload files to stay outside the chain, Shanghai love to know ourselves from a site, classified information website to stay outside the chain, write text, and don’t change the friendship the link and so on, has recently been focused on Links for this work, according to the nearly two months for Links work, I have some thoughts and share with you.

website Links exchange, not every site are appropriate whenever and wherever possible change the link such as the author, there are several new sites to create less than 3 months, this time I will not go to other websites and links, because the new three months is not very stable, still in the search engine evaluation time. This time I will only publish articles on the site, to the relevant forum to leave the chain, a new assessment period for the search engine, that is to say the website after release, the search engine will accordingly recommend your site location, if your site is in line with the requirements of search engine the site, then the search engine will put your site began to show a relatively good position. Only the site over the assessment period, can increase by 4 each month, every week is the exchange of 1 can be.

My job is The appropriate time, a

two, Links, when general novice change link, love it, the more the better, but ignore the category properties of each website is consistent with their website theme. Blind exchange Links this result is caused by a search engine found cheating leads to the decline in ranking. I will not go to the site and non correlation Links exchange, non correlation Links has no real meaning, from the output link quality and link value, non related only a little to do with PR. So, if the keyword ranking point of view, the relevance of the link has no meaning. But it can be to exchange for the pan correlation Links, quality of the related Links compared to non related to have certain effect, from the PR to the output weights of the website, the first pan, you can submit your PR second can improve your overall site keywords effect. The best Links is completely Links correlation, partial correlation links to either PR or your keywords, as long as it is completely related, that is to say even their opponents to their vote, visible completely related Links status.

The number of Nature category

three, Links exchange. The number of Links exchange control according to the site’s own circumstances, such as enterprise site site is generally based on marketing enterprise products, is a small site, so the number of control Links can be controlled in 20-25. If the portal sites, such sites are relatively large-scale comprehensive website, general recommendations can be controlled according to the layout of the home page link number, if the number of links on a website is 500, then.

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