Experience the similarity detection tool reliable

second, the original article may be collected by self similarity detection tool.

: first the original detection tool can only be detected before dozens of words.

is now the most difficult to do Shanghai dragon is not technology, but the content of the website. With the high quality of Shanghai dragon ranking of great help. Many people think that the original article is high quality articles, so there are a lot of the original detection tools, and some kind of acquisition software to combine different paragraphs of this kind interpret out of context, operation method really on the website of Shanghai dragon did not help, not completely reliable.

2, slow detection speed

Before the dozens of Chinese characters detection tool

at present I used all can detect only one article, even so, the detection speed is very slow, for example, we have 800 Chinese characters, detection tools can only detect 50 Chinese characters, then we need to put this article into 16 fault if words were detected, many words need to be cut into more paragraphs, this principle is simply too unscientific, because:

he worked hard to write the original article, the testing tool by their acquisition, first released on other sites, but the real author is a pseudo original, this is very annoying. Of course, more than just individual site, some sites used by hackers to happen, it is entirely possible. So, just for the similarity detection and take the risk, totally worth, before we detected the articles included not be too trust this tool.

if the article is divided into a plurality of small fault detection were performed, not for memory and compared, and the process cumbersome, long operation time, if collecting a check, the average time to write an article may be more than yourself to write an article in the course of time, may be tired of Shanghai Longfeng work, then The loss outweighs the gain. the.

cautioned that since "with the information to express in writing

1, the operation is too complicated

‘s hair chain colleagues have used the original said detection tools included in this article is not good, at first I thought that the chain release platform can not, then I also used a few times, detected the article really included not ideal, ranking did not rise, the study found the principle the original detection tool is not reliable, and the original article is the risk of someone stealing as follows:

is not detected in a section of the test, or the whole article, the reaction speed of these articles detection tools cannot exceed the love of Shanghai, the article on the Shanghai love search, basically is the second result. Love Shanghai has powerful data calculation ability, and detection of these detection tools is the result from the love of Shanghai, so you can fall in love with the sea directly in the search to detect the content of.

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