A little view of writing soft Wen promotion

second: combined events, the most popular hot. A soft, successful or not, it is another aspect, how many people are willing to read this article, or are interested in reading. This is the soft writers keen observation, always pay attention to the latest and most popular news really blew hot, they want to put the things together in propaganda. Give a simple example, a health care propaganda soft Wen can with the most concern at home during the Spring Festival, how difficult, how long did not return home, had not reunited with their parents and so on, all this is very good to watch, but also easy to get everyone’s sympathy.

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rigid promotion has become the past of today, become the mainstream of soft promotion, I long time engaged in writing work, talk about some of his own opinion on some soft text types and writing skills have seen. According to the promotion of the product content is different, can be divided into soft news and stories about the story, today the key type of soft writing notes. The story of the soft matter in the forum, or various types of space, because readable, popular, achieve propaganda purpose is relatively strong. But when writing some attention should also pay attention to, otherwise it may not reach your desired goal.

first, the readability is too strong, so that readers ignore the propaganda purpose. The story of the soft concealment which is a major feature of no ground for blame, soft, or will become hard to promote, not soft. But sometimes, some people pursue it a soft word, trying to hide propaganda purposes, enhance the readability of the story, it is itself for propaganda purposes, but the results may be counterproductive, the story itself is being remembered, it was an easy job to do the publicity things omitted. Take a simple example, in order to promote Taobao clothes, we wrote a touching love story. Marriage is the seven year itch, husband almost derailed the hero to change the tide, finally saved her husband’s heart, to find happiness. The same story, if writing angle and feeling different, the propaganda effect may be quite different. Writing is a failure, the story is very touching, or even a result, readers only remember the tears trickling down cheeks, suffering and the protagonist’s happiness completely ignored which appeared in a dress. Write more successful, the plot, content, but all the plot is centered around this dress and, obviously, the readers after reading the story, even if the content can not remember, this dress will remember a very strong role. In a word, the story of soft writing, neither too obvious a "bag", its main purpose is not to ignore the hidden. So how to grasp a degree is very important, but also very difficult. This would also be in long time exercise and explore in order to truly achieve the objective.