On the site include reducing several internal and external factors

included reducing the general can be divided into subjective and objective reasons. The reason is that we charge the site title, but this is generally caused by the main reason the site not included. The objective reason why is some external factors influence, for the site collection is also playing a certain role.

1: site content quality can not keep up. As the author of the site of the case, because the site is a business site, there are some limitations in the contents of the article, there is not enough content. So through some duplicate content or some pseudo original content only to enrich the site. The search engine algorithm can distinguish early site and repeat some low quality content, this is the main cause of the site is not included and included reducing. So I think the blame as the main reason for the site collection stop reduced and its factors of quality content.

2: the server is not stable, in the choice of server on this issue, there are a lot of articles have been described. For the site is a good server like have a good body, and the body is the capital of revolution. If the server problems don’t even talk about every two or three days on optimization. If the server is not stable, the direct result is the site of the rankings and included reduced. The search engine spider crawling our site is like an ordinary visitor, if the spider can’t open our site, then do not say crawling included. And meet several times this situation, the spider will think that your site has been closed, and no longer visit your site.

has engaged in a year of Shanghai dragon Er, has gradually develop to the office every day the first thing is to check the site included the chain of habit. I think most optimization personnel will have this habit, increase at included was like watching our children grow up, when we have not included the increase or decrease of the situation, I think as an optimization personnel heart will have a little bit lost. This is not a new station, recently I have just included more than 100 down to Shiduoduo (a site for the enterprise site, the content has some limitations), has been through the review period, the beginning is the second, but now not only not included, and continues to decrease, as shown in the following figure. After the treatment period, the current collection has stabilized, today I will be in dealing with the problem that the reduced about included several reasons to share with you.

subjective factors

3: the use of black hat techniques. Is the so-called crooked shadow is not afraid. For as long as we optimize personnel using formal optimization technique is not afraid of the punishment of the search engine. But because of the trend of interest, many owners still not rush into danger to the site optimization, the use of black hat technology. May make your site have included a large increase in the short term, but after the search engine will review for you, finally reduce your income.