How many know the bare chain and chain chain construction in the role of you



examples are as follows:

3, external links voting mechanism to enhance the link weight of the target page, which affects the target page collection and core keywords ranking;

is more than two kinds of chain exist: anchor and bare chain, most of Shanghai Longfeng Er will meet these two conditions, many owners will think subjective chain than the bare chain effect is good, of course, "the little lost reptile is not denied this chain the role is better than bare the chain effect, why do you say that? Here I’ll webmaster friends share for a bare chain and chain" lost small Crawler "is how to understand.

The correlation between

a 4, more interesting, for a large area of the laying of the target page anchor text, can play a direct role in tampering with the target page title, this is a part of "the little lost in the reptile chain discovery. Figure

, a chain of




1, website traffic is divided into the natural search traffic, paid search traffic, and direct referral traffic flow, a part of the chain also belong to the referral traffic, so it will certainly play the role of diversion to the site;

after the above search results click into the observation target page title. Figure

name exists in the anchor text chain forms, whether specific letters or Chinese characters, as long as the user link address, click directly into the target page, can be understood as the chain. So in the construction of the chain in the main chain play what role

2, anchor text and target page, this effect can enhance the ranking in the search results of the anchor text, anchor text are rolling out a large area, the effect will be very obvious, you can use keywords from your webmaster friends and exchange chain discerned;

examples are as follows:

we can see that the search engine does not display the page content inside the title, I am by viewing the source inside but could not find the relevant search keywords, so I should be judged to a large number of chain, directly affect the search engine judge, identify the page.

is a Shanghai dragon Er, in order to improve their website weight and included rate, make the chain planning is a must. The exchange chain in Links is most webmaster can do, as long as you are seriously looking for resources, will slowly put these resources to accumulate, and will be more and more easy, most exchange chain is in the form of text links to layout, also is the anchor link we said another; is there to bare chain in the form of daily will contribute in some webmaster can contribute the website, the bottom of the article will generally leave the corresponding content already exists in your links.

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