Can game design make recruitment more effectiveA’s bubble is coming entrepreneurs don’t worry about

data show that from a global point of view, as of the second quarter of 2016, global AI exceeded 1000, across 13 sub categories, 2011-2016 years in the field of artificial intelligence financing composite growth rate reached 42%, the total financing amounted to $4 billion 800 million, of which, deep learning, computer vision, Natural Language Processing is the largest amount of investment, founded by most of the field.

Why does

data analysis is one of the ways to enhance the predictive ability of the evaluation, and the game has become the highlight of attracting candidates;


through these interesting games, so that candidates bold display of their own characteristics, leaving their work experience and educational background, free to express themselves in front of employers.

data show that in January 2016 there were more than 50 thousand new APP were submitted to Appstore, but the market in the United States, 65% of the number of intelligent mobile phone users to download new APP within a month of 0, under the 1 new APP people accounted for 8.4%. Last May, the top 15 mobile software developers in the United States found downloads were down 20% year on year.

has 95% of companies admitted because there is no >

recruitment is a process of discovering talented people, and every company wants to hire people with a good mind and ability. But traditional recruitment methods seem to be hard to satisfy.


is the most active in Silicon Valley, Intel, shlf1314, GE, Facebook and so on

the meta analysis summarizes the past 85 years of research done by the University of Iowa and the Michigan State University. "This study shows that cognitive ability is more likely to determine whether or not you can do a job. It’s almost two times the job performance, three times the work experience and four times the level of education," Miller says.

Criteria Corp founder and CEO Josh · Miller pointed out that "research shows that the result of the aptitude test has been one of the best predictors of the candidates can be fit for the job." He cited data from a meta analysis to support his point of view.

next time, candidates may have to play a game on their cell phone.

artificial intelligence AI should be one of the hottest sectors in the technology industry this year. Two sessions this year, "artificial intelligence" was written into the government work report for the first time. Robin Li, Ma Huateng, Lei Jun, Ma Yun and other chiefs have mentioned the concept of artificial intelligence, and are in the push.

in the past ten years, the evaluation used in the recruitment process is almost nothing new, this situation will change;

test candidates so important,

although in the past ten years, evaluation has been used by many companies as a form of recruitment, but these evaluations are almost nothing new. "This approach is full of human error," says Fenn. "The biases inherent in the employer can also seriously affect the results of the evaluation."."

artificial intelligence so fire?

because of the lack of effective use of information communication channels and the lack of efficiency in attracting talent resources, the company recruits unsuitable employees every year;

Li Kaifu is one of the crazy investors in the field of artificial intelligence in China, claiming that the Innovation workshop invests close to 25 enterprises, including horizon robot, Face++, Uisee and so on. In addition to the Innovation workshop, many venture capital institutions are willing to lose money in the field of artificial intelligence. Some people even shouted "out of business" and "artificial intelligence"".

sh419 artificial intelligence has long been in the layout, this year, Ali announced the launch of the NASA program, Tencent officially announced the establishment of AI Lab. Domestic BAT, the first two years of common strategy or connection and ecological strategy, in the twinkling of an eye, are affixed to their own AI tags.

Why is

recruitment process can become more attractive, and evaluation can be part of the "hybrid phase" of the process;

artificial intelligence so the fire is not a matter of fact there is no reason, first, the current mobile internet field with most of the air has been in a relationship, the end of the demographic dividend, the Internet giant to a new growth point for users to download the new APP more and more interested in.

Fenn · Hill is a business analyst at GreatRok; GreatRok is a seed fund for investment start-ups. According to Fenn, ·, Hill’s view, the way enterprises discover talented people is now changing to the recruitment process. Although this trend is relatively new, it has gained more and more people’s approval.

artificial intelligence has many problems, it is difficult for entrepreneurs to compete with giants, talents, users, traffic and capital.

secondly, artificial intelligence is basically pushed by giants. Why should the giant push it, because it is a disruptive technology of the future, and no one wants to be subverted by new technology.

so does the hiring process make hiring more effective? Maybe. Because the game is a great way to attract people who are looking for a job, they have a strong interest in the company before they send out their resumes. This article will analyze the meaning of the recruitment process in detail, and some of the main points are as follows:

domestic this trend is also very obvious, so we see, the development of a APP will be faced with user access and use of high cost, difficult to retain, users difficult to find bottlenecks. As a result, entrepreneurs begin to search for new outlets and new growth points.

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