Love Shanghai and new technology of Shanghai dragon er must pay close attention to keep pace

Any change in the

technology test, the outside world that is not. This is the picture of the technology has been fully to the semantic analysis of the times.

is from the picture above the search results, love Shanghai already can go beyond such a keyword matching technology. At another level, it is the semantic analysis, the picture above 5 pictures, in fact, there is only one Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon blog. The other four key words never occur in Shanghai dragon, there is no relevant search, there is no drop-down box. But all of these are related with the Shanghai dragon, that great changes will take place in the future for Shanghai dragon manipulation. We take a look at this picture

This is the legend of the function. I believe the


some time ago to search space on the right side of the love of Shanghai increased, many people say that advertising in order to better display, increase the click rate. Now it seems that this is just one of the reasons, the right hand I want to search engine should be to make it play a greater role, from this new love in Shanghai can be seen. In fact, love Shanghai in introducing the entity search is such a trend, in a few days ago I found the search also put their search results to do more to have more space for the right, believe it is done, you can also pay close attention to, everyone is most concerned about is how to achieve this function the.

as a standard of Shanghai dragon Er love Shanghai affects all webmaster heart, two days before Shanghai search with love, suddenly found love Shanghai has launched a new function, the function call what name is not known. But a look that is very valuable, because can appear conspicuous images, in a text only page picture actually appeared, a conspicuous place how. I love Shanghai and appeared in the first screen, ratio of search value much higher ah, this to want to do brand website or business can be said to be a hotly contested spot ah, good let us take a look at this show in the form of

semantic analysis technology on the use of the first picture has been completely used up, what kind of instructions for our Shanghai dragon er? We must get out of the traditional way of doing keyword matching. For example, we do Shanghai dragon, and Shanghai dragon things not in the title of light in writing, also need website optimization, search engine keywords, this kind of related words. For example, computer and computer, mouse and keyboard, display, host, the word future search engine will determine the relevant. For example, we have to do is not only the word computer optical computer, we have to do the mouse and keyboard, display, host computer and the related things.

even the future I judge if you do the computer only computer also is likely to be judged as excessive optimization, actually from this technology in its latest view, semantic analysis is a breakthrough of the traditional keyword matching test.

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