Do not know do not know the ten recommendations for WEB entrepreneurs

1, shrink: focus on a small possible problems, and you can solve this problem. Don’t think of what to do, can chew, things became imitators. Small change, small boat U-turn, small you can bring a lot of advantages, the market gap can become a big market. Do not try to put the 100 million Internet users as your users, useless, can really solve part of the needs of some users, it is enough for you to play.

2, difference: remember that a lot of people are doing the same things as you, and one of them is Google. In this market, only useful professionals bitung. You don’t have to be a leader, you can do the same thing with others, such as Google. Do not use the names of those generic vocabulary, such as blog, Chinese blog, blog, blog, blog, and so on, too many people do not know who is who.

3, optional: random network is greater than the deliberate network, because people want to live. Create a service that adapts to and helps people’s daily lives, without demanding too much commitment or changing their identities. Take it easy, and many times, the occasional need to make your service more valuable, like the occasional conversation on Skype. Since life itself is random, casual, do not always try to limit the user.

4, picky: This applies to many aspects: the characteristics of services, employees, investors, partners, reporters, etc.. If you feel something is not right, put a. One of Google’s greatest strengths is that they are happy to say no to opportunities, quick money, potential employees, and deals. But many people are too busy, too afraid to miss this village did this shop, so often all will eventually regret.

5, user centric: user experience is everything. Your entire company must be built on this, if you don’t understand what is user centered design, learn quickly, hire someone you know. Do the right thing, far more than the addition of one hundred characteristics. Ajax is to make the site more interactive, not because it’s sexy. API is to make it easier for developers to add value to the user, rather than to please the geek.

6, self standards: great products are always from a person’s own desire. Create the products you need, be the users of your product, and employ the users of your products to improve it as you wish. On the other hand, avoid doing business with large companies in terms of cost, user, or may hinder you to improve your product. Because you are small they are big, you are hard to say.

7, hunger and thirst: the choice is always better than no choice, the best way is to have income. To charge mode design your product and within 6 months to have money, so you will have the market cost. What’s more, you’ll be in a better position in finance or takeover negotiations with income. But in China may not be so simple, in order to make money and let the service change >

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