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    share advertising revenue;   share with friends: YouTube and its China brothers tudou recently were launched "advertising revenue sharing plan", as long as the video uploaded to the website of the copyright ownership, not only can the overnight, more share of advertising revenue and the website of the money we earn ". The model sounds beautiful, but it also raises questions. One is how copyright authentication, and two is how to define what is valid click and download. YouTube said it would launch the "audio fingerprint authentication technology" to confirm the video copyright, we might see.

I was 27 years old to start a business, from CCTV, although a lot, but I really can not stand that kind of very depressed environment. After I came out, like many entrepreneurs, wrote special program planning case, unlike now in such a meeting to change the name card, looking for investment, with my usual wine and dine people talk about my thoughts, I later found out that they were limited to wine and dine, no investment. Later my mother gave me is our family savings, let me do a "super visit", I also very disappointing, "super visit" the first year was popular on both sides of the Changjiang River.

why do the Internet will be the star of

future economic force

: entrepreneurial motivation may be subject to a certain abnormal leadership

Internet female entrepreneurs, most people in mind first thought, to be Li Jing. This originally belonged to the entertainment people, actually mixed up epoch-making internet. There are a lot of people good, business failed, there are many people who have ideas, business failure, but the entertainment is Li Jing, 5 years of playing the Internet, LAFONT network is still alive, is said to run well.

I think a lot of people venture because you are a sick boss and a bad environment, there is a particularly bad state, never say what ambition, must say how, how much money, or to be famous, is a kind of special primitive emotion.

I thought I should enter the society, but I find that I can’t stand that false. When I start, at Xiaoxitian rented a residential building, the little dirty restaurant, wearing slippers, not white formica. I feel that I belong to Xiaoxitian, belongs to a small dirty hall, drinking liquor, the girl eating mutton bragging, I very happy, especially on my spirit free.

      share with the Web: the non-polar video network alliance is the first video based on network streaming technology


: Li Yanglin

looking for investment, don’t believe a mercenary friend

      the traditional mode of their own media, advertisers looking for
      such as PPLIVE, such as PPSTREAM video broadcast video sites such as the subscription class website and BBSEE, its biggest highlight is the use of P2P technology, is generally in the video content before and after the patch or inserted in the middle, see the respective technology the level of the arrival rate is high, the user is not easy to skip, the disadvantage is similar to television advertising, easy resentment. The price is usually calculated by the length of the advertisement. Popcorn, Youku and other video sharing sites, take the CDN distribution model, video buffer before stage advertisement or kakari advertising. Calculate advertising prices in CPM thousands of people’s cost.

I have never bought something on the Internet, email me only paste, my understanding of the Internet is to see the entertainment news in the Sohu and sina. Choose the Internet is because Shi Nanpeng wanted me to do it later when we hope we cast the Sequoia, made us like Martha brand, have their own cooking.

I think 80% people entrepreneurship is a depressing situation of soul and spirit, I was earning more than 5000 dollars, was considered too much, but I just feel particularly depressed heart.

  if 2006 was the first year of China video, then a year 2007 is looking forward to breaking the survival or death, the profit is all video practitioners can not avoid the threshold.

      from Youtube to potatoes, foreign pioneer or domestic followers, although no real profit, but has not stopped exploring the pace. These explorations, there are always some experience to learn from, there are some lessons worth learning. The streaming media will focus on these patterns that are currently being put into practice, hoping to find some successful clues.

      advertising is the first choice; however, "magic tricks will change for everyone, there are different secrets," and advertising is also different. A well made professional video to impress advertisers, such as uusee, such as the newly launched some fancy joke; the power of grassroots, played under the banner of advertising revenue sharing with friends, such as YouTube, such as potatoes; others and themselves off as advertising service providers, such as as the science and technology. Charges are also clicked, on time and so on.

business at the APEC Youth Summit home today, men lefeng Li Jing and a group of Internet chat business, she said the entrepreneurial motivation is not so sacred, perhaps is not a bad environment, not false. Hey, CCTV is not really one place to stay? The following is Li Jing readme:

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