A three view whether an article has been included in Shanghai love

this method is bad, maybe love Shanghai have included your article, but in the very back, cause you have no patience for a page to find, you may eventually find the web page is not in the article, it shows your homepage or list page or other pages in this case, there may exist

second: the advanced search function to love Shanghai, accurate in their search keywords station title.

third: copy directly to the address of a page to love Shanghai search box, if the display represents included (Figure 5); otherwise, the love of Shanghai has not yet been included.


3, in the advanced search page, the first column "contains all the keywords" site:soupet.net "input, the second column contains the complete keyword following the input the full title you posted, then search. Check whether they have loved Shanghai included in the search results, if there is no content in the search results, it has not been included in the love of Shanghai. (Figure 4) [in the advanced search settings can also set up other related conditions such as search by date search]

: the first fall in love with the sea directly search for complete title name, such as: [pet] input search engine search network pet www.soupet.net and then check whether each page of your web site. (see Figure 1)

2, in search of the bottom of the page there is advanced search link love Shanghai, click the "advanced search" into the advanced search page. (Figure 3)

source: 贵族宝贝soupet.net/a/20110311.html





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webmaster and network editors often published a lot of articles on its website, published articles to be included or love Shanghai as soon as possible to be included, how to check whether their articles have been included in the pet love Shanghai? Now the search engine as an example to introduce the following three methods:


1, in Shanghai love search bar enter site:soupet.net, where soupet.net is your website domain name, that does not contain WWW, the search results are you all love Shanghai station site included in the article, shows the number of love Shanghai included in the right at the top or bottom of the search results. (Figure 2)

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