Friends of the chain platform is the most accessible platform for the novice webmaster

chain platform is the most easy to contact the novice webmaster platform

looking for friends of the chain platform, rely on the one hand, to find their own, to accumulate. On the other hand, through teacher advice or recommendation of friends. The most direct method, enter the "chain platform" four words as shown directly in the fall in love with the sea. But this search results we need to delete selection and analysis. After all of a sudden novice to learn to analyze and learn to sum up is not so easy, it is necessary to learn from our own. A lot of communication with the circle of friends, exchange.

3, how to use the friend chain resources website promotion

friends of the chain platform selection factors need to be considered to map the explanation, mainly look at the figure marked red part: the longer the domain name age, the higher the weight, the more well known. There are first shows the ALEXA data flow, IP and PV so large, can be seen like GO9GO platform can really give us these looking outside the chain, looking for allies, friends of the chain of novice webmaster provide a very good condition. This is also a few factors we are looking for a novice webmaster friends of chain platform to be considered.



2, friends of the chain platform to select

novice webmaster needs most now is to analyze how, then I will according to their understanding of go9go and practical experience roughly share my views:

is to learn to find good resource analysis, fully utilized. The first thing to consider is that you want to know what in the above. In the go9go platform, we can see some of the most intuitive data, love Shanghai snapshots, rankings, categories, webmaster contact. This is the factors in our chain must be considered. To analyze from the perspective of optimization, we make the connection exchange at the same time it is best to recommend to each other between the same industry to look at my marked red column, one column is the main categories of personnel training, portal, business.

chain platform is the most easy to contact the novice webmaster platform, regardless of whether a uterus, a person must learn to analyze, to touch something. Now I basically have no is a novice webmaster, because my website templates are not their own uploaded to the server, but I know what I want to do their own site to study in my sophomore year, I began to study go9go. The original time is just a boyfriend to help release some links, actually I just started on the chain platform also stumbled, then slowly found go9go can bring me a lot of the chain, and reply my message webmaster is the same industry, the same, such partner is more valuable than to find out the multi.

1, how to find a suitable platform



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