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first, the proportion of Chinese people over the age of 60 is increasing, and their demand has promoted the development of the health care industry.

"China beauty economics"

lost a year and lost a lot of time. He admitted running every time he was under pressure, 10 kilometers per day. Ordinary people is hard to imagine, when a large, very close to the listing of 7 rounds of financing, the staff at the peak of 13 thousand person company, suffered a series of storm, finally only two or three people team, the founder will face heavy and choice.

has become more and more concerned about health. China’s health care products and health care services are also rising rapidly, output value of up to 300 billion yuan, the size of the second only to the United States, is expected by 2020, the total market will exceed 450 billion yuan.

health care products

is unknown, before the start of the conference is "stage fright" vintage. "Why is it too tiring to make this speech?"." Vintage quipped, ready for the day of the speech, "almost crazy!" he said, in seven years after numerous large and small meetings, but this time, why feel so hard? Before to responsible for meeting colleagues cried all night. This is the oldest and his guest team for the first time to do the pro press conference. In the preparatory phase, in order to introduce this old shirt, to shake the burden from textile knowledge from Lei Jun’s redemption to respond to the doubts, the contents of the more than 20000 words I do not know how many days and nights stay. In fact, this once in the magazine as editor, and founder of joyo in the era of marketing numerous best-selling books for the aged should not be difficult, but this time, he will tear down once the "VANCL style" old, looking for the Internet thinking millet vintage. And the conference is the beginning that accumulates word of mouth.

4. The world has made rapid progress in the research of health food medicine.

at the end of August 798 in Beijing on the "shirt" conference shocked a lot of people, because the style is too much like millet. This is the re start of each guest, with a variety of parameters to prove that this shirt value for money. The old speech style in the outside world, there are too many traces of millet founder Lei Jun.

thirdly, the improvement of living standards and the increase of income control are also the key factors in the growth of health care products.

glasses is much shorter than the shop assistant claims, and some need only 10 minutes. Customers wait a few days due to: unified delivery, processing, in general, can save production time, the cost of machine losses.

The sequelae of

Abstract: net profit above 40%! Cost 1000 yuan, sell 10000! They are making a big fortune. China’s eight invisible profits are here, investors must know.

health products industry is profitable, mainly including the following factors:

profiteering analysis:

glasses industry is a "profiteering" industry." This view has gone deeply into consumer perceptions. Glasses industry popular such a sentence: 20 Yuan glasses, 200 yuan to sell you is to talk about human feelings, 300 yuan to sell you is talking about friendship, 400 yuan to sell you is to talk about the market.

beauty care

rapid expansion

glasses market

second, technical threshold is not high: glasses process only ten minutes.

second, about 2 billion of the population is overweight and obese, and the global lifestyle problems also contribute to the development of the health care industry.

looks for the soul of a shirt,

"in the past we were so lucky that we forgot the basis for being a brand"

"in 2009, 2010, you can see my face light at that time, there is a small pot." Aging theory. Get out of the line, give the old digital enjoyment, and the industry give him unlimited credit. You know, >

in China glasses Danyang Township, "memory alloy frame" $11 per pair, "fashion alloy frame" $16 per pair, "plate frame" of each pair of 16 yuan, which is the most expensive pure titanium frames, each side is only 60 yuan. But into the sale of stores, these glasses frame worth skyrocketing, turned 10 times, or even 50 times.

, the first start after all zero,

The actual processing time of the

in Jiangsu and Danyang, the most common, refraction is also worthy of the most rate 1.56 and green film resin lenses, each pair of the wholesale price is only 8 yuan; 1.56 gold film resin lenses, each pair of 19 yuan, the refractive index of non spherical resin glasses 1.61 21 yuan per pair.

in Beijing, refractive index of 1.56 coated lenses, in the merchant’s price list, generally about 300 yuan, refractive index of 1.61, the lens is about 600 yuan, refractive index of 1.67, the lens price of about 800 yuan.

With the improvement of Chinese people’s quality of life,

first, the cost of glasses is very cheap compared to the price.

obviously, old want to use this shirt again to meet the discrete company to find "soul", but also all his zero after the first start.

reviewed the past seven years, and the biggest mistake he ever made was to invite so many so-called professionals". "They came from the traditional clothing industry, and I thought my outsider didn’t know how to dress, so I got off the line by the end of 2008."." Old memories, "in the past, we were so lucky that we forgot to be the foundation of the brand."."

has been "the age of 40" old, in recent years there have been all kinds of temptation, is also facing a variety of puzzles. "Some people say you can choose that and that, but for me, it’s my only choice to go back."." Accept the Beijing morning news reporter exclusive interview, old said.

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