What is traffic that says everybody earnsshlf1314 AdSense launches new default ad style

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everyone earns, but also has advantages and disadvantages: the advantage is that as long as you have the credibility and temptation of things, you can bring traffic. Of course, there is a certain degree of credibility, this is not suitable for novices.

said in front of the flow of classification and source, and now say in the flow of knowledge mentioned in the "everybody earns" this word. In fact, this is also a lot of corn bus master Wangzhuan concluded. Let’s talk about what they earn for everyone also known as:

but there are two factors that limit everyone’s earnings:


2. is your reputation. If we advertise for you in the name of "corn bus", you can get the game project for me. You will definitely go, because our reputation is here. If I’m in my own name, I’m going to do a simple web page and ask people to give me publicity. Of course, I’m sure some people will advertise it too. But there is no credibility, often we are afraid of publicity, can not get things. Do Wangzhuan cheated a few people, we are in the bus of corn. This can be seen from our founding experience.

example: I want you to help me to promote maize bus Wangzhuan forum now, but I don’t want to pay. What can I do? I can only get my own VIP or original game project for everyone to advertise. Because my project or VIP is cash worth. So many people didn’t want to pay for the project, so they helped us with the corn bus. Through this kind of publicity, he can also get the equivalent of cash to buy the project, that is, everyone earns. So long as this game project exists, then everyone can make it and do it forever.

1. is the size of the temptation you offer to others. If I say I give you games, you send me 3000 posts. You’re sure to do it. If I say I’ll give you the VIP tutorial, you send me 3000 posts. You certainly won’t go. Because you don’t think it’s worth posting 3000 posts.

all make money, that is to say, all people make money. Is that possible? Maybe. But the value of what everybody earns is different. It takes advantage of a replicable temptation either things or products to get people to advertise for you or do something for you.

in March, shlf1314 has tested a new style of advertising, namely " Ads by; shlf1314" the background into a circular arc shape, but also simplifies the advertising unit border. This style of advertising looks more beautiful. AdSense announced today that it decided to replace the default with the new model, which proved to be better than the old one after extensive testing. Here is a contrast between the old and new styles:

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