Even sh419 Robin Li are concerned about how to clean home O2O e homeSite traffic from a dozen P to

agrees with Robin Li’s judgment that domestic O2O is indeed an entry point for infiltration into traditional industries. E home cleaning by doing domestic service platform, through mobile applications to connect customers and hourly work aunt, grab the traditional home service intermediary business.


CEO Robin Li to e home cleaning as an example, that this provides hourly service applications can not be squeezed into the app store luxury list, this application through various means of promotion, each get a new user costs about 8 yuan, for a small and medium-sized developers to say very expensive. Robin Li sees this as a fundamental flaw in the app store, thereby launching sh419’s light applications".

, for most people, knows that the "e home" app was held at the sh419 world conference last week.

in May this year, at the sh419 alliance summit, Robin Li speech is no longer confined to the Internet industry itself, but the release of the Internet and mobile Internet more positive to the traditional industry to enter the signal. He believes that the Chinese Internet is accelerating the phase out of traditional industries, traditional industries are faced with the impact of the Internet, the Internet industry, technology, talent and structure can have a greater influence in the process of transformation of traditional industries in the.

for sh419’s introduction of light applications, he believes that as the main advantage of access side, there are traffic to obtain new users.

, he revealed, "next, sh419 will connect with the first light access parties, such as e house.". "Users search for home service in the search box, which is our application by default."."

"Robin Li is very concerned about the combination of online and traditional industries. He has seen a lot, such as taxi.". We use this combination of housekeeping, but also very clever, at the meeting with our application for example." Li said.

Tencent technology Zong Xiuqian reported August 26th

from Wangzhuan now has nearly more than a year, said not long nor short, but actually I got a lot of experience from the previous day! Ten to more than 10000 every day now, hehe! This is my bad ~ ~ hard achievements… Let me tell you my success experience, let novices detours, to realize their entrepreneurial dreams!

first to Wangzhuan to build a website of their own, I am a girl, on the site of these utterly ignorant of, so I spent 380 to call others to help me build a station, such as the record down after I began to design their own web pages, write what.. This is not simple? sh419 so many articles, just pick some hot topic, and then copied to all the background on do not have to do, I do this for a week, the 10 Fen did not make, really let me very depressed! Also earn 3 thousand month, 30 month are the problem. I was ready to give up, then my and I an old schoolmate chatted, funny because she is here, and I asked him how long do not earn money, she said for two years, it is not good to do Wangzhuan, a month at most earn so 7 800?? 7, 800? Oh, for two years, a month to earn 7, 800, why people say can easily earn 3 thousand a month? How will the gap so big?? is the Internet that are deceptive! I started my classmate but cudgel thinking. Said to me, do you think Wangzhuan is easy to earn? You are too naive!

a year ago, I began to contact the Internet, saying that I would only chat on the Internet and watch movies, and for a long time I didn’t feel any more… Suddenly one day I found on the Internet has a higher post, what to say at home as long as a computer every day to spend three or four hours on the site can easily earn 3 thousand…. 3 thousand ah, is not a small number, it may not take the undergraduates to such a high salary, so my heart, oh, I decided to start the Wangzhuan venture road.

can not enter the application store list of applications so much, Robin Li why choose e home Jie


so, my first step is to modify the article, so how to modify? In the book Wangzhuan I learned in an article, the key.

opportunities for penetration of traditional industries


currently has more than 3000 certified aunts on e’s home cleaning list, and has been introduced to each other through hours of work, aunts and other applications

" is similar to WeChat’s QR code, which allows you to get new users, but if you really want to keep users in the short term, or rely on our own applications." In light of the adoption of light access, they need to be able to guide users back to better user experience for native applications.


Robin Li talked about why choose e house cleaning as a typical case, the founder of e house cleaning Yuntao attributed to Robin Li to the traditional industry attention this year.

and I said to myself, no matter what to be famous in Wangzhuan above, at least 380 back to the right, otherwise I’m not! So I started to find the relevant Wangzhuan information, buy books online, every day I study results in me! I found that I really naive. This is not easy to earn 3 thousand, some successful experience at least half a year before the Wangzhuan master with a little achievement, want to be able to the first month to earn 3 thousand? Even the doors are not. Indeed, Wangzhuan need some skills and mind, "my so-called" ism "is useless! Copy someone else’s article sh419 spiders don’t climb up to your site, let alone included, first time to see your article is copied, after basically will not come the.  


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