Making money online is more important than thinkingThe logic behind mobile nternet Entrepreneurship

many people worry that the mobile Internet is another wave of bubble. Our view is that the mobile Internet is really not a bubble. Take public comment, we look at the value of the difference in the era of the traditional Internet and mobile internet.

so kiss Xingmin make Wangzhuan is to pay attention to the comprehensive quality, a person with high IQ, but early study technology, the latter is not to get the. Because someone understands technology, it only takes money to get it done.

entertainment game industry, we all understand the logic, other mainly including video, music and reading, typical products:

if I want to specialize in technical work or specialize in decorating Taobao stores, I have to take the time to learn. If I’m just using it, I don’t have to learn everything. I put thinking into place, and can effectively seize every opportunity around, you can do their own industry. I can still make money, maybe still a lot of money.

: mobile terminal, Youku video playback volume of more than 150 million, more than 100 million monthly users covering. In June the average daily PV1412 million, more than Iqiyi 7 million 900 thousand and PSS 6 million 80 thousand and.

kiss Xingmin for example: a lot of people will be graphic design, but I only know a little fur, have not had time to study. We need to do some timely picture, I also need to do their own? I think it is to make an unnecessary move, because no matter how I study, I do it is not professional, to help experts made out of figure is on the level. Therefore, every time you need a map, direct contact expert kiss xingmin.

, a basic requirement of


, and to use these technologies that work well for us, we have to decide what this technology will do to me. How much money can I make? Will my investment be in direct proportion to my returns?. To do this, we must improve our thinking. If you can’t keep up with your mind, other people’s technology may become garbage in your eyes. Some people use it and make a fortune, and you know, but you don’t find business opportunities from them, and the opportunities don’t belong to you. If you use it, you may be rich too.

social products as long as mention these names: micro-blog, WeChat, unfamiliar street, skype>

if I want to decorate a Taobao shop, I follow the Taobao tutorial to operate, I think it can be decorated well. However, there are so many online professional decoration shops, why don’t I pay a little money to pick a person to decorate for me?. Someone else might fix it in less than a day, and I might take a week.

based mobile Internet is a smart mobile phone in the hands of each person, the strong relationship between mobile phone and personal items than any other alternative! Look at ourselves and others, what is not the body without a wallet? Are never mind, not without a mobile phone. So the mobile Internet business, can be directly into the details of each individual’s learning, work and life. Innovation is omnipresent, where are you. You will see how to make good use of the mobile Internet, how to use the mobile phone in the hands of intelligent computing capacity, location information, 24h network, and the only holder behind the information.

small shrimp Music: more than 12 million registered users, wireless music provides smooth and nearly perfect solution through Wi-Fi or 3G network speed of listening to the music, the first launch of the offline mode.

A study of

sndacloudary bookstore: mobile end users more than 20 million, including Shanda literature’s starting point, Chinese network Hongxiutianxiang, reading novels, under the banyan web content and nationally well-known publishers, books, books, including books for consumers, magazines and newspapers for digital goods.

The In addition to the game

mobile Internet business opportunities, from where to start? Today we tried to interpret. At present the main article online are analyzed from the industry point of view, here we want to business logic behind the mobile Internet business opportunities. To sort out the business logic of the project, to assist entrepreneurs planning projects, investors see behind the venture value.

this is a personal point of view, welcome criticism, welcome to reprint, interested in reprint, please indicate the articles from http://s.980401 thank you kiss xingmin.

social entertainment this is the basic human needs, the main content is the traditional Internet and mobile Internet naturally provide this kind of service. Behind this commercial value do not need to mention here a brief analysis.

network technology many cattle, but the success of technology is not a lot of successful cases. It is not the people who understand technology, successful case sensitive thinking and strategizing too numerous to mention the Czech republic. Li Xingping, Ma Huateng, and so on, do not understand the technology, can make the cause of success, have to remind us to think.

technology takes a very long time, but we only need to spend a little money, you can use other people’s technology, this is a win-win situation, each one takes what he needs. But for those of us who know nothing about technology and are not completely proficient, we are going to spend a little bit of money on using them organically.

sing: total users reached tens of millions of users, mobile phone built-in karaoke social application, reverberation and echo effects, can be modified to beautify your voice. Intelligent scoring system, the score of friends can share PK.

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