Hisense TV National Day sales soared 1 5 times the big screen strategy to the world

by Hisense and led the first laser TV products in the National Day holiday selling crazy. The latest data show that the National Day holiday 7 days, Hisense laser TV retail sales soared to the same period last year by 254.38%, as of October 7th, the annual sales of laser TV has also achieved a growth of 1.5 times.


2014, Hisense released a self-developed 100 inch laser TV, the global leader in the technology of ultra short projection. July 2016, Hisense released the world’s first DLP ultra short focus 4K TV, once again leading the industry. Until this year’s IFA show, the domestic Changhong, TCL, SONY, Japan has shown a laser TV products, showing that the next generation of laser TV as a starting point to accelerate the introduction of the market.

from the national day and this year’s sales performance, as the first to enter the TV market Hisense, no doubt has the greatest advantage. Large screen laser TV experience, cost-effective, really eye color (visual comfort is higher than ordinary paper reading more than twenty percent) and other characteristics, to meet the users in pursuit of the trend of the big screen TV, has exploded from the top of the market. In the recent U.S. Conference, Hisense, the United States has also demonstrated the 4K laser TV, causing North American media and consumer attention. In the large screen high-end products to achieve the world’s leading, is a firm strategy Hisense tv.

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