Simplicity is innovationSmall station monthly income of the method

my station is Jinling online, is a forum station, do it a few four months, but now I have reached 100 thousand IP every day like this, I do like to do forum station can only be my station! If you are old forum station is the best! If it is new can 1

first step would be to channel more! More content, the content must be rich, posts must be over fifty thousand, you can go to other forums copied to their forum above, if after the content reaches a certain number can start the promotion, but to ensure the promotion at the same time, to ensure that all can I post every day,

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

third step, now the site traffic, there will be traffic into RMB 1, if you >

simple is innovation

every day is the best! So sh419 and GG will take your included increase, so that traffic will increase, this is the most basic maintenance of the website, after all, just started also see just keep abreast of what the post membership is still relatively small,

the second step to the promotion, sh419 Post Bar is a good place, if it can bring the promotion of 5000 to 10000 IP a day, in addition to a website can also promote the good Xicihutong forum are building their own version of the version for a few popular hot posts, or find some other forums, many construction blogs often send some articles, but no matter to the forum and blog articles or posts to do publicity would have to pay attention to, not what you can attract popularity, to other people’s interests, to be able to attract people can make friends curious to see stick let him see the upper part of the lower half part to see, so when you posted propaganda as long as the upper part of the lower half part is not made with a connection address can be 1 so you can bring traffic to 1 Posts if everyone can refer to htt P://bbs.house600/thread-5847-1-1.html see how I made my hair every day is to put this post in sh419 Post Bar, each big forum above, emphasize that the best to establish a document to you to each big BBS registered user name and password down the accumulation time after just a few days to repeat the forum point you can! He has no forum don’t flow as long as the forum station, after all, new hair if the administrator will not delete your post because he posted above 1 even above each little station every day can bring you a IP, you can accumulate some time then sent to 10 thousand the forum it is ten thousand IP 1 but some forum every day will certainly be higher if a lot of 1 so long it has a three person team with this slogan to 100 thousand IP a day is not a The 1 most important content of the website, how long can it accumulate to 1 users, so as long as we make every effort to do a good job of website updates and external publicity, there is no unsuccessful 1

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