Join Wangzhuan training is really new only way to doshlf1314 plans to launch AdSense video service

training people, they are experiencing a long time pondering and studying, they can teach us, not let you achieve a good income in a short period of time, but you can learn some knowledge, understand the operation principle of some projects and some technical things. As for real money, no one will guarantee, nor can it be guaranteed.

, in fact, is not the only way out online training, since others refused to tell us, never mind, money training may not be able to learn some useful things, not personally go to practice, from practice to explore slowly Wangzhuan, and learn from, only practice can let oneself slowly progress. This article is >

Some of the so-called

Wangzhuan training, since to make money on this line when it appeared, a lot of training people I have ever met, they have some common characteristics.

first of all, in this line, we see the most is: "can you teach me to make money?" "how to make money online?" I can clearly tell you, can’t tell you the way to earn money, they also have a path to go, to tell you how to go one way. Home? The online project is, the more people to more easily make the project fail.

Internet advertising market in the United States sales of $20 billion, while online video advertising sales currently account for only a small share, shlf1314 hopes to promote the application of video advertising, but also to expand its advertising network scale. The industry believes that shlf1314’s move is expected to cover a large number of online advertisers and thousands of sites.

‘s first video AdSense ads will reach 20 sites, including podcast sites, Revver, video sharing space,, video sites, Brightcove, and so on.

, February 21st, according to foreign media reports, shlf1314 said on Wednesday it would launch a video AdSense program to help advertising sites gain more revenue from video advertising.

last week submitted 2007 earnings report, shlf1314 said, "shlf1314 project, shlf1314 print advertising audio and television advertising, online payment tool shlf1314 Checkout, YouTube, network security service provider Postini and enterprise search tool Search Appliance, the business income did not have a substantial contribution to shlf1314’s revenue."

novice just contact Wangzhuan, most people don’t know how to operate, or how to really make money, so they will ask around and find predecessors, but tend to be rejected or used by others, this is very normal, who are not easily put ways to make money to tell you, this is reality. The couple will think of adding training, that only send money in training to be able to learn a lot of things, that is really the case? Join Wangzhuan training is really new only way? Here to talk about some personal views.

, according to reports, the project advertisers can simultaneously publish video ads on YouTube and shlf1314 partner sites.

‘s advertisers, who participate in video AdSense, can choose video or text advertising that will cover a small percentage of visitors. shlf1314’s text ads appear every 20 seconds, and the content of text ads will match the content of the video and the style of the video broadcast page.

last year, most of shlf1314’s $16 billion 600 million revenue came from web search results and small text ads for AdSense.

from the above analysis, the so-called Wangzhuan training just teach you some ways to make money, skills or experience, it is like a teacher, teach you how to operate, and if we really want to make money must rely on your own ability to practice what is learned from a certain extent, join the training can really learn something, but it is not the only factor that determines whether you can make money.

at the same time, you should now see the Wangzhuan liar very much, a lot of people are under the slogan of training to defraud, say what day to earn one hundred yuan, thousand yuan, very attractive, they don’t understand is the use of novices and greedy, let you pay to join the training results, learn is outdated this tutorial is often encountered, to remind everyone carefully, don’t send money to join some of the so-called training.

the second is to understand some Wangzhuan people, they all know that the project is easy to copy it, a good project, after being N many people know that they will copy operation, or change the name, re packaging, in fact, the principle is the same.


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