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"I can use shlf1314 to search for anything there, except people."." "I thought someone had solved the problem, but I didn’t," Patrick told the first financial weekly."

‘s experience has given him the idea of creating a "People Search". Just when the "All things social" wave triggered by the Facebook effect hasn’t swept most people’s lives yet, it’s hard to search for personalized information about a person’s real worth. And when the party place, occupation education skills, interests, religion, politics and marriage status information have become people to share in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and shlf1314+ and other social networking tools of data, and the total exponentially explosive growth of the moment, you find the one you need to find people through a search tool there is no doubt, becomes easy.

said above is designed to do a key station for, if it is relatively large compared to the whole portal type guest station, you can go to a large range of nets, such as going to a hot Post Bar, or video website, SNS website group publicity, executive power is strong enough, the flow is a brush.

This year’s Taobao

October 2005, University of California at Berkeley computer science master Patrick Riley alone to Munich Ludwig Makeximi Li’an University as a visiting scholar for 9 months. Like everyone who first came to a foreign country, he met the "Cultural Shock": Munich is different from the unrestrained San Francisco and Silicon Valley, which makes him a little anxious and lonely. He is eager to meet new people – especially those with whom he has common interests and concerns. But he soon realized that there was no tool for him to do it.


some friends will do web site, but suffer from propaganda is not appropriate, less traffic poor, no income. In fact, there are many online publicity methods, such as BBS posting, or build blog, publicity and so on. But some friends may say, "that’s the way it works, but it doesn’t work.". If you are doing keyword ranking, I suggest Amoy friends do a class of keywords, such good words will focus on ranking, does not require perfection, or not. For example, "men’s wear" this keyword, you can around this keyword to do some of the hottest men, such as Taobao, spring and summer men’s ranks, brand men’s clothing and other long tail keywords. Web content also revolves around these keywords, so that customers can search accurate, conversion rate will be relatively high.

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do Taobao customers remember not to flow and flow, thousands of garbage flow less than dozens of high-quality intent traffic, conversion rate is the key. If you have any questions, contact the little days. 553688840

, a new search engine, will be able to accomplish the constant social task of "knowing the stranger", and its next step will be to search for everything about your social life.

Patrick Riley has found the right opportunity to turn a search product for "man" into reality. The product is called "Ark" and the Chinese means "ark"". 3 months ago, it had gathered from the smartest entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator graduated and received from Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel and Greylock Partners and other top Silicon Valley investment institutions a total of $4 million 200 thousand in seed period Seed Stage investment – it is the largest in the history of seed funding scale. Patrick believes that an adequate seed fund can make this search engine out of all its fetters and grow rapidly without outside control. "We don’t want investors to vote on each decision on our board. We want to go back and write code when we’re financing." He told the first financial weekly.

ranking is not difficult, because we do not often update the guest website, so, keywords layout is better, do some outside chain. Another is not to grab hot keywords, such as women’s clothing, breast enhancement, these keywords competition is very fierce. You can choose a little less popular products, as long as the list up, traffic is also objective. Choose good keywords, and then you can buy some quality of the chain, I can not bear the wife, not a rogue, the investment should be under investment.

off can be described as fire, every class is full of Taobao Wangzhuan forum guest figure. Taobao do make money, but many novice friends can not earn money or earn little. Why is that?. Here is the analysis of the little days.

first, some friends websites will not do, do guest, must at least have a website. The site is actually not difficult to set up, buy a domain name space, engage in a guest program, as for what program on the different views, some friends love on the Internet to download free program. If you use free, you can use DEDE, Amoy Dongdong procedures, relatively good. Some API interfaces are good, but the disadvantages of free programs are obvious, such as those with backdoors. PID is someone else’s and can’t change it. Can find a set of other procedures, change the contents of their own, such as navigation class procedures. You can also spend money to find someone to do a set, only the one and only to defeat the enemy, with others to do the same, stereotyped, the effect will be discounted.

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