How do you save money in the early days of personal website developmentTips for going to work online

investment, that is, space costs and domain name fees, domain name fees rarely, only a few dozens a year, who can afford. Space fee to find a cheap server sharing, so that you can get the maximum amount of space at less price, if it is to buy a virtual host, the price is almost, but the space is very poor. I spent 150 bought the 100M space if it is flat-share, at least spend 150 to buy 1000M, now is really funny.

talk about how to save money in the early stages of personal website development $200 start, big development problems original,

talked about the secrets of fortune, and she blurted out, "persistence is victory.".

love the Internet sister Tian, from 2008 began to pay attention to online shop. The Internet is full of digital products, fashion clothing, trinkets and so on, which makes young and fashionable young sister very interested. After trying, she finally decided to open an online store on Taobao. In September 2008, under the guidance of professionals, she successfully registered in the Taobao online the process is simple: with the website manager made contact, the ID card, copy of the account transfer out, open a bank account. But new problems arise: what to sell and how to choose reliable buying channels?

both to work, but also to shop to earn some extra money, which for many "office workers" is simply a fable, 25 year old Kunming citizen Tian Xiaomei did. At present, Tian Mei can earn more than 3000 yuan per month through its store in Taobao and other websites. How did she do it,

is precisely because of this reason, so we think with minimum investment to get good income, although this website development cycle to a little longer, but we are not professional, not the income of the site we can live, so it does not matter.


so you want to start 200 yuan, the first development site traffic, and then put shlf1314 and some other advertising, do a year later, and then go to buy server hosting.

here I recommend you put shlf1314, in fact the beginning I also put, but because the traffic is too small, not what the income, but the most recent period, began to flow long, every day there are 1000-2000IP, shlf1314, the daily income of about $3, which is about 24 yuan. As long as you do the first half, you can have thousands of dollars.

fraud prevention tips:

a lot of personal website owners, including me, all work on the side, while doing the station, and think of a day when the site’s income can exceed the wage income, you do not have to go to work, do a full-time web site.

fortune tips: persistence is victory,

I want to get the money to buy their own servers, put in the home, rent a ADSL bandwidth of more points, but then one count, plus electricity fee of ADSL a year, thousands, and custodian fees almost, but the bandwidth is far less than the managed.

months after the development of the site, if the content is good, the day IP should have more than 1000. Use the IP, you can get some income, in my experience, some of the ads in the domestic, 1000IP day is only a few dollars, but some advertisers also required Alexa Rankings, so many long outside the station.

in the actual operation process, Tian Xiao sister just found, open online shop although not occupy the day time, but at night still need to spend a lot of time and energy. "An online shop has a life cycle of about half a year. In this six months time, there may be 7 of the new online shop because of poor sales, customers are few, naturally eliminated, so this entrepreneurial model is also a special test of the entrepreneur’s patience and technology." If you want to survive on the Internet, you should learn to shout frequently, and give your store a new and easy to remember name. Most of the online shopping of people belong to the "new-new generation", if they think the name too the soil, may not enter "door". Next, the store mainly through posting, , pictures, links and other ways to vigorously promote their own small shop.

shop cost: at present, in some large websites registered and set up shop is free of charge, but if the owner wants to make website promotion, prominently link shop, you need to pay the cost of advertising expenses, from five hundred or six hundred yuan to several thousand dollars. If the shop owner needs to rent the warehouse to stock, this also can produce the cost. And the way to help suppliers sell goods

started with the search engine

"it’s a long learning process.". It took me more than 4 months to consult a lot of people and read hundreds of related books before I could figure out a clue." Miss Tian recalls. First of all, she chose the products she wanted to sell — ladies, health care and mask, and found reliable suppliers. The trick is to enter the product name + cheater in the search engine, and you can understand the reputation of the product and effectively prevent being cheated. "Lay a solid foundation for the day after I do business call." She concluded: "if the supplier is reliable, and can provide timely cost-effective goods, can be twice the result with half the effort.".

shop guide

above is my real experience, and because of the dispute with the sharing network, now I don’t want to share. You’re starting to buy IBM’s servers you can check it online, and then trust it, so it’s okay to do a number of sites, and more importantly, don’t get angry with IDC anymore.

with these money, it is best to buy a server, and now the server is good, cheap, IBM, HP, about 5000 yuan. Then go to trust, because in your own hands, so everything is ok. There will be no disputes, and multiple sites can be developed without spending money.

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