Young people die from startups or die startupss the station really so hard to make money


1 to establish a group, so that users communicate with you more, such as seeking the film, the fastest response to the user, mainly to users, you collect in many movies, no one to see, it is not the same. So we should be user oriented.

I left my last company for 1 years, 2 months, and I haven’t paid my three month’s salary yet, and the company hasn’t closed down yet.


2 do not put some erotic flow alliance, to the IP are garbage, and others are clicked erotic pictures to your station, and found that not, will only be immediately closed,

4 is neat and tidy. Don’t be garbage stand when people see it. Don’t connect with some newly opened movie stations!

criticized the entrepreneurial frenzy and dismissed the slogan "mass entrepreneurship". Slogan can be despised, but entrepreneurship itself is not necessarily a bad thing, let alone, far from the need for liquidation, reflection, and engraved into the historical memory.


3 do not put pop, display, adult click ads, in fact, these ads do not make money.

employment is a good thing for both individuals and countries. Those who eat venture rice smashed the pot guy, most annoying.

undeniably, most of the young people who are most responsive to the topic "I’m mistaken for start-up companies" are mostly in arrears with their salaries in various forms. Many of them are not working city natives, and life is a problem once wages are late. Believe that after many years, when young was a company of wage arrears for memory, still can arouse their anger.

, but it wasn’t put up. There’s plenty of it. This is the need to communicate with users, to help users to click on ads, only income, although this is cheating, but money is most important! Like each other for film, I will help others in the group with little advertising, shouting to help me, and in the group of users to chat chat, driven by the group of active degree.

in the coming days, the station will be on how to make the movie station earn greater Wangzhuan income will be published articles, please pay more attention to the station. Thank you,

at present, I put on the MM ad, although the price is not very high, but still more satisfactory, monthly income of 500,

on the above points, yes, mainly talking about how small flow make big money.


from 2014 to now, the entrepreneurship still remains with vigour and vitality, but who know only the remaining wei. By the end of 15, the tightening of the capital market had no doubt raised the difficulty of financing for 16 years. Those who survived mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore with abundant capital, stable income, live, mature person alive, which means that some of the to B project no venga, its founder, also gradually by the ignorant entrepreneurs into mature entrepreneurs. But when the herd mentality of many other projects, may not be so good.

, let’s listen to their stories.


however, although some young people find work through entrepreneurial companies, but they still can not help but on the "blood" complaint.

public business entrepreneurs to breed overnight, but also really brings of every hue jobs, these jobs do not know how much to accept young people confused, they will not find the job from the head of the mill into idle Chinese director.

, a start-up company, 2 months wages did not pay, and last month, the social security fund has not paid. The entry of new company later, the old company did not break the social security fund, and TM to borrow money to pay 2 months of social security fund, nearly 7000 dollars a company full payment before, also said that welfare is particularly good, pit. To the new company, wages have not been issued in a month on time, borrow money and credit cards and net loans, the minimum deposit of 100 yuan.

movie station now innumerable, especially the garbage station, a program of batch data collection, on-line. Advertising is full of earth, even if it is a regular movie station, it is also very numerous, may see a Chinese movie station every day, it will take 7 or 8 years to finish reading. Then some small flow film how can we retain user stickiness? Not only to retain users, but also know how to use a small visitor caused a big profit! Every IP can not let go! Is the website home page must be concise and advertising less, users looked better, at least not every step carefully to go by, according to the advertisement in fear. If you really like the station advertising, to do a guest station, like the www.318 because the station itself is advertising, you put more advertising did not scold you, the premise is to put the Taobao advertisement. Because it’s all shopping! Don’t talk nonsense! Now look at the following method,

Although a variety of

admittedly, this is a very unpleasant experience. Some start-up companies expanded too fast, financing and not keep up we will not talk about income can not keep up with, and eventually led to the recruitment of people unable to send wages not a month on time sent. After a long period of unpaid wages, both finance and the boss are becoming increasingly involved

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above is my point on the movie station summary of skills, although not very comprehensive, but if you can help make your movie station Wangzhuan income increased, I also feel very happy.

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