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Snap’s super IPO show, again, proves that Silicon Valley’s coffee can burn your tongue.

Snap’s two main founder Evan · at the age of 26; and 28 year old Spiegel Robert · Murphy day among the new rich, two people holding stock values were more than 4 billion 500 million and $3 billion 900 million, a billionaire and 20 shareholding employees. Many people have no chance of empathy, but you can still experience from American "Silicon Valley" related story independently in the brain to mend this bunch of 90 flourishes, forced Meng consternation, excitement.

two other social giant Tencent and Facebook and Snap when missed sigh: Ma Huateng once said cannot read why Snapchat is popular among young people, lost early investment opportunities; Zuckerberg is the number of the olive branch, 2013 will valuation to $3 billion in the bag, but eat a cold-shoulder treatment.

did not become the beat generation after the 90s, just like Snapchat

teenagers is the first move to "burn after reading", which emphasizes the privacy and mysterious functions, suddenly caught countless adolescent heart, feeling like J· D· Salinger wrote in "the catcher in the Rye" in: "I live in this world, but do not belong to this world. And the phrase "growing up is a festering disease of life.".


like Ali Mama advertising, such as the famous "shlf1314 AdSense advertising alliance" and "sh419 theme promotion", because the two advertising threshold is relatively high, so need to develop your website to a certain quality can be approved, because "shlf1314 AdSense advertising alliance" requirements strict with payment program trouble, suggested here to promote the use of "sh419 theme".


in the United States on the "social application about guns" started, completely is a young Western Adventure: here 70% of American users between the ages of 18 to 24 years old, they are accustomed to taking photos at hand, vertical screen, filter, retouching, beauty. People under the age of 25 tend to be addicted to it. They open Snap up to 20 times a day and spend at least half an hour.

The There are many

in addition to the above two kinds of advertising, there is a kind of application in the text of the advertisement text ads, Sina, NetEase, Tencent and other major news portals have been using text ads, the NetEase to the Tencent using dotting text ads, sina is using the macro text ads, because I use the site the macro text ads, so here to him as an example, through the macro audit also need to have a certain quality of the website, advertising text advertising in a nutshell is inlaid in the text on the page, the key words usually have bright colors, as long as users move the mouse on the keyword advertising the small box pops up, advertising revenue also paid to click, when advertising revenue reached 190RMB, can be extracted. Of course, all advertising revenue can also be used as a promotional advertising fund for your site, transferred to your advertising account, and when other people click your ad, deduct your corresponding advertising costs. This form of advertising is different from the way the front page of Ali’s mother and sh419’s theme is promoted and can be used by both or three

site was established, each big search engine has just begun included my site, that time is the advertiser will not find you, because your site is not popular enough, advertising must not up to the same effect, but your site every day but have a certain flow, then you can choose the Ali Mama advertising agency Ali Mama advertising intermediary, the threshold is not high, as long as your site thought health, generally through technical personnel to audit, through the audit in accordance with the requirements as long as you put advertising code can be, as long as people click on your ads on your site, you can get revenue. Popularity is higher and higher, the site visits more and more big, you get the possibility of income is also more and more high. Of course, there is a noteworthy problem is that don’t take the point of advertising, Ali mother has a detection mechanism of ad clicks, as long as your site found cheating, your letter will pay per click advertising, recently blocked Ali mother many sites, because the cause of abnormal data.

tens of thousands of sites on the Internet, less than 10% of profits, 90% of the loss is operating, especially the new power of the site – forum, there is no entry. However, the network advertising threshold to reduce, so that we can also begin to produce small and medium income, and now I will combine my site: Ganzhou people’s community to talk about my point of profit.

Abstract: it’s like a deal between God and the devil. A group of entrepreneurs, investors, the success of cash, but also harvest billions of dollars in financing, to fill a year of losses of hundreds of millions of dollars, to the layout of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, new products, but at the same time, you also have to accept capital rules.

claims to be a camera company, but few people dare to leave it outside the social network. At least in the eastern United States at IPO on March 2nd, Snap priced at $17, $24 opened, raising nearly $3 billion 400 million, the day rose 44%, the share price once touched more than $25. Wall Street, with its $34 billion 200 million valuation, expressed its expectation of Snap’s great future. Even many Chinese media have been broadcast live all night to witness the capital ceremony of the world’s largest technology company after Alibaba.

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