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first we examine now the personal website of the way to make money. Remove the electronic commerce with the line with money, a large proportion of the advertising should be. Advertising is divided into diversification. Some relatively large traffic sites such as part of the page banner may be favored by advertisers. Other mainly rely on advertising revenue. In addition to shlf1314, sh419 advertising alliance of the two big customers, the number of domestic various advertising company is a lot of. The form of advertising alliance from CPM, CPA, CPC derived from CPS, CPS is in order to avoid the risk of advertising costs. Now there are many advertisers in order to save costs but also to better control effect, they not only exist as the main platform for advertising alliance. For example, China is now fire dangdang, VANCL, the same way network. Through their union website selling books, selling shirts, sell the hotel every day orders are many.

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decided to do Taobao, because I am also a Taobao online shopping enthusiasts, often on Taobao to buy things. 09 years, in Taobao’s member center to see Taobao guest this word, I don’t know what to do, and then have been ignored. Until May 10, prepared on taobao a product, your love is very long, Xinyi Dongdong, but the price is too expensive, with the business talk price can’t talk about. So sh419 search how can buy preferential goods, Taobao passengers, the word again in front of, with curiosity, understand this Taobao guest is what to do. The results made me very happy, the original promotion of Taobao sellers of goods and commissions, that is, I through the Taobao link to go shopping, you can save money, others can pass my promotion link shopping, I have to commission. Taobao guest this pattern has attracted me deeply, got the affirmation of the family member, I decided to plunge into Taobao guest stationmaster industry among them.

it is useless to see so many good articles if they do not practice them in person. I’m the best example. Since May, I haven’t made any money in the last few months since September. This time can be said to be the most difficult one, want to give up the hearts of all those who say, don’t feel so good, always complaining about why sh419 is not included, why not included rankings do not flow, all the problems are pushed to the search engine on the body, had not thought of their own shortcomings which aspect. Read a few high quality articles, that is

register domain name, buy host space, upload program, my Taobao passenger station named "186 shopping guide". Since the first website, do not know what is the key word, I grope for every function of familiar with the site management background, imitate others several column title, every hand add content, the day did not add much but not tired. A month later, the content of the site, but there is no popularity, and they do not know how to promote the site. The best way is to sh419, the first station out is A5 webmaster nets, from this moment, I like A5, see very many practical articles. Updated every day after the forum, A5 to see the article, learning SEO technology, learning web site promotion skills, learning from the webmaster to share the practical experience.

personal Adsense profits add, subtract, multiply and divide

China personal websites, personal webmaster to do is to make money, how to make a website operation of the two problems discussed more and more, more and more doubts. According to CNNIC the previous survey data show that in 2002 the number of Chinese personal website is 18 thousand, 39 thousand in 2003, 21 thousand more than in 2002; in 2004 the number of China personal website is 90 thousand, 152 thousand in 2005, 68% more than in 2004, in 2006 the number of Chinese personal sites reached 240 thousand, 58% more than in 2005. Is expected by the end of 2009 China personal website will reach 420 thousand. Such a large number will continue to grow, it should be in the vast sea of gold to have the mentality of how to

personal Adsense in a way to profit

on their own sites Kung Fu, of course, the flow is the foundation, the traffic can force to make money. About how to make the site more effective flow, here I will not be one by one, every webmaster must have a set of their own means of promotion. Many webmaster hand is no longer a station, two stations, they have numerous stations on hand, so a person can do many sites, and many sites can do it, of course, these sites are built on the basis of the money. If you give this website not to take interest income and even your creativity and art so impressive is not the same, but for you it is all zero. A website for you to earn $1, then the 10 website can give you to earn 10 dollars, a simple addition arithmetic, but the results are often not so simple. May 10 website also does a website you had half of the revenue. So as a personal webmaster, we must have this mentality: know a website to make money is not a simple addition and subtraction.

with most of the webmaster, I also Taobao customers, do this line has a few days on two years, from a no experience to now into the state, is also a very rare experience. I can’t write soft text, this is the second time in two years to cast A5 webmaster network, the first draft is 2010. See the A5 article down a lot, it can be said A5 webmaster is my mentor, you can learn a lot of knowledge about the website here, do not know what to come here to stroll is rewarded. This time I have the courage to write a story about my two years’ business experience in Taobao and celebrate my Taobao career 2nd anniversary.

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