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this is already two years since the fourth reported the shop will be taxed.

recently, shop to tax information again affects many Taobao entrepreneurs heart. Although the tax department was quickly denied, but Taobao is facing the transformation of small businesses represent the general trend.

although the "wolf" has not come, but is a matter of taxes for online stores. Once the shop began to tax, shop profit space will be further suppressed.


"shop will tax" has always been a topic of concern of commercial electricity. Recently, the media reported that Hebei province IRS city before the appointment of Tmall formerly Taobao mall 38 large shop owner, the tax. The news that the whole electric business highly nervous tension. However, later Hebei province IRS said rumors untrue, saying that there is no tax department for the shop bushui.

"wilt" Taobao entrepreneurial dream

taste in May 2015 officially launched, is a high-end users of food takeaway platform, as business master taste have been established in Beijing 24 Crowdsourcing distribution station and have 800 square meters of the central kitchen.

September 2011, held in Hangzhou, Alibaba micro-blog Global Conference on network operators, Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun micro-blog said, network operators must always be ready to shop on behalf of the state.

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Fan Xinhong in the farewell letter said, because the central kitchen rent is due, seeking a new round of financing, business failure for processing new unfavorable, master the flavor of the final funding dried up, unsustainable and eventually bust.

, "to start, Taobao has become a catchword. Taobao open shop, low threshold, more opportunities, once the achievements of the millions of people dream of entrepreneurship, according to statistics, at present Taobao shop number is close to 600 10000. However, with the shop open more and more large electricity providers such as Jingdong, Dangdang, suning constantly swallowed the small business survival space; constantly touching the traditional line of business, and also in the small electricity supplier for tourists. With the increase of personnel expenses, courier prices, rising cost of network promotion…… "Escape from Taobao" has the same and flee North Canton, become a social phenomenon.

, Taobao plans to open in the face of this situation, people are required to take precautions.

– editor’s note

in June 2010, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "Interim Measures" of the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management, shop management regulations of natural person in the network, must be the real name authentication, and sellers needed for the business license and pay taxes, it is considered to be the country to precursor taxes for online stores; in June 2011, Wuhan city tax bureau of the Taobao women’s shop "my one percent" tax of 430 yuan, known as the first domestic individual shop tax. Later, Wuhan IRS clarified my "one percent" belong to the entity that Wuhan claw clothing Limited company, the tax is a tax on the business entity, and not on taxes for online stores.


in recent years, O2O is not only the opportunity for many entrepreneurs to compete for, but also become the highest mortality areas of entrepreneurship. In April 29th, less than a year on the line, the "master of smell" on his WeChat public number released a farewell letter, marking another O2O announced the closure. The reason, said Fan Xinhong, founder and CEO, in a farewell letter, "has not been profitable and our funds have dried up."".

insiders said, O2O’s business threshold is relatively low, it seems to get a micro signal, find a few people in their communities can do it, but want to foothold is actually not easy. And now, O2O seems to be no longer light entrepreneurial, but more and more heavy, which adds to the difficulty of entrepreneurial success.

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