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after several months of hard development, the site finally has a prototype. So I can’t wait to choose the domain name and space for the website. Don’t choose not to know, a selection, all I can think of the domain name has been registered by others. Embarrassed。 There is no way to finalize a not very satisfied with the domain name www.new91, website name 91 new game network, ha ha ~ look at the good domain name and deja vu, little comfort.

selection of host space is another problem. Storing small games requires a lot of disk space, and no dozens of G are not available. But such a large space, unless the use of their own host, other ways of the cost is too high. This is not my first Wangzhuan can accept new. So…

! in contributions!

website make money is the way to go, but it does not require you to pay the rest of the effort, we hope the above growth experience, to give the majority of people want to become the main Wangzhuan get a little inspiration.

by jzyxx

The next step is

and design, encoding a little start, because time is busy, can only use the rest time at night to do the development, coupled with the daughter is also small, need to take care of, basically every day will ensure that 1-2 hours of development time. Seeing such slow progress, the web site in the foreseeable future, I once wanted to give up. But looking back at the hard work of writing the code, I chose to stick to it.

fortunately, he has been engaged in programming for many years. Otherwise, the ability to write programs is still there. So decided to use PHP language to develop a small game site. Here, we may know, now many online sites are crash class, is to buy ready-made code, and even the entire site, and then promote their own money.

wrote here today, there’s still something to do, and tomorrow.

after a period of experience of the site, I chose a well-known high spatial domain name provider, first registered domain name, bought a 5G network for the space station location for major in local specialty information, find the relevant website program source code, after the first independent website ready to upload your station finally successful, although the original capital spent, but feel alone in their own web site, really feel that the owners of the authority.

propaganda, first in the major portals on their website, hoping to get their included, seek friendship connection in the local class of various sites, publish their own network in the group for friends of the chain, in the ad advertising and so on, have many hardships, but the sun after the storm, your site traffic is from scratch slowly increased, and the site is now in their own efforts, has also been RMB recovery.

‘s initial attempt was to start with free blogging space on the web, as it began to do nothing about space, domain names, or other related operations. Choose a point in space for anyp free space, they provide 10 megabytes, two level domain name, ha ha, then apply after, immediately into their own space, feel for the first time when the joy of stationmaster, put something of interest, this space has a blog, and a mini house also, the personal home page, for a beginner, is very rare, but it is also quite easy, the site gradually with the flow, I began to apply for money but a lot of connection, well-known advertising alliance people do not accept the two level domain name application, flow station at the first time to do the big gifts but not to earn money, lose heart and emotional disappointment as cage in the heart, feeling more free space for yourself is not making money.

friends do a network maintenance in a local state-owned enterprises, they have several 1U servers to be eliminated, the quality is good, so please help to buy at lower prices, have opted for a cheaper flight hosted in the local Netcom room.

listen to a lot of people in the network build up the family fortunes on the story, with a vision and confusion, I also went into the army of Wangzhuan team, however, in which many of the bitter taste, but there are also many happy

at this point, the initial construction site finally saw the promise of something.

1 years ago, inadvertently found a small game site online, layout beautiful, and some are also many, fondle admiringly. So, the initiation of their own, also assume a small game site idea. But what should I do? For me, the person who has never touched the website construction, the difficulty is really not small.

but I don’t like it. I see so many people copying websites designed by other people, and I despise them from the bottom of my heart. This is a serious violation of intellectual property rights, but the current domestic laws on this aspect of the constraints are basically no, only to lead to this phenomenon is so widespread. I must make my own website, even if it is a website which is not appreciated by anyone, I want to do my own thing.

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