To make yourself better develop a habit of finding the answer first

has quite a few words to sum up why successful people are just a few. Originally everyone is ordinary people, only a small number of people through unremitting efforts, and finally reach the pinnacle of success. Throughout the interview of each successful person can not be separated from the "struggle" this chapter, each success has experienced difficulties and discipline, and finally create brilliant. Although each successful process is different, common ground or constant, is action, unremitting action is the only way to success.

The other side of

‘s action is to develop the habit of acting and the attitude of active learning. Recently in the Admin5 forum to see many webmaster in question, so good, after all, people are never too old to learn. But also found that some of the questions are very basic, some Baidu can find the answer, the questioner is still waiting for someone to reply to him. Although childhood teachers tell us, to ask why, to learn to ask questions, but if only blindly ask questions, and lose their own ability to find the answer, it is not worth the candle. When you ask someone questions, please think about it first. Do you already have the answer to this question?

in the Admin5 forum every Thursday afternoon edition chat activity, understand the question and answer period impressed me. He said that he saw a good website will give the webmaster contact record, with his QQ, look at his record log space, good view, have formed the habit, in his book has a lot of websites and webmaster information. Specialize in a person, not as good as you in some ways, but there may be on the other hand is worth learning, to record information useful usually see down, these habits may keep you successful, active learning, we can acquire more knowledge. The way to learn is not only to ask questions directly, but also to take the initiative to find answers to questions.

some people have a strong self-learning ability, see do not understand the problem, the first online search, if you can find the answer, not to trouble others, not only to solve the problem, but also to develop the ability to learn the knowledge, days and months multiplying, reserves will be more and more. Some people have problems and seek immediate help from others. Asking questions is also a way to learn, but it wastes the time of waiting for other people to respond and disturbs others. If it’s just a simple question, or recommend yourself to find the answer, if it can not find, and then ask someone else. Although this is only a simple distinction, it is possible to shape two entirely different individuals and produce two great achievements.

look at your friends, which is good at questioning and good looking for the answer, he is not worse than others, know more? Many webmaster website are not professionally trained, are do not know how to understand, never to be, this is a process of continuous learning. If you use this learning habit in your life, your personal abilities will continue to improve and you will know more and more information. To be good at asking questions, good at finding answers into personal habits, life may be >

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