This website dare do connection

to tell you the truth, I’m not a SEO expert. What is the website construction master, so that the problem will make veterans who laugh at me, but I still want to talk about it, actually do the things connect let the webmaster familiar is not familiar with. Now let me talk to you about what I think.

I have a website called 100 push nets, home page I set up, only do 40 connections. From the original PR0 to 2 now, I’m really happy too. GG or my website?. But I can’t say my website is very good, and GG can drop my PR at any time. So I’m going to connect with some of the high PR stations, hoping to bring me luck. But I also find a problem is, for example, there is a webmaster network (to tell you the truth, his PR4 is OK), the content is good. Baidu is not included. I’m going inside Baidu. shows it is 0, not included. I began to wander, or even not connected?? I asked the others, that is the congregation situation ah, can say, is said not to be. Yune! I feel like mouth fat, eat and not eat. What should I do? I also look up some relevant information and see how to explain the problem.

in writing, not so talented that, so don’t talk much.

I know. There are so many masters in Admin5. Maybe you can give me some enlightenment.

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