The WeChat public number only advertising but nearly 100 thousand what

often have a small partner to ask "plug sit bacteria", the electricity supplier class WeChat public number content how to do? Advertise it, the user is not happy; do not advertise it, the boss is not happy, sad people!


to solve this problem, we recommend this socket bacteria reference public number, which each article is advertising, but each pageview 100 thousand +, the magic is "the Imperial Palace" (Taobao ID:gugong1925).


cattle? In the clear to tell you that this is the case of advertising, browsing over 100 thousand +, even point praise is close to 2000, how exactly is this done,


says it has 3 points worth learning:

1, reasonably create suspense, induce reading and communication,

2, the story moves forward so that you keep reading,

3, commodity set a key part of the development of the plot, and does not violate

1. reasonably creates suspense, induces reading and spreads

in WeChat chief officer of the socket college training activities, the tiger sniffing Network Annual author Lanna evening mentioned that there are 3 types of content we are willing to share the spread (in the socket background reply "content planning," read the article Lanna evening dry cargo):


" tells the reader what he says,

two says what readers don’t know,

three, which stands for a taste, can satisfy the reader’s vanity

and Taobao the Imperial Palace article well with second – to tell the reader does not know a thing, to satisfy curiosity, to provide fodder for everyone.


I see its recent push in the article, I do not lose the life. Yong Zheng to a flower, mouth light pick, lead read "Yong Zheng emperor and made love to kill [the] uncle story", is really a bromance full ah, do



when you go in, you tell you, it’s a story that you can’t think of. Want to sit over, inserted bacteria have gone awry, they did what shameful shame, quickly tell me

!The story of

2. is pushing you forward,

The spread of

Master Li Jiaoshou once said, a WeChat public number read the secret is kept making questions for readers, let you have a look down. From this point of view, the Imperial Palace Taobao can be a master of storytelling,



introduced Nian Gengyao. He didn’t say he was born. He said he ran the teacher. "It’s too nosy. But isn’t that what everybody likes?"

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